The Fourth Sister

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The Transspecies Bisexual Menace

Bisexual-No-More Boudoir. Why no more? I'll explain. Aviva received her Very Important Lesson About Proper Beauty Techniques between scenes. The black dye has been rinsed from her naturally-brown hair, and she's sporting some lightly-applied foundation with a just a hint of blush-colored lipstick on her face. Also, Phoebe's lent her a tasteful burgundy-toned dress to wear. You see, now that Aviva no longer looks like a disenfranchised Goth princess, she's no longer a bisexual menace either! Wasn't that easy? You, too, can rid yourself of pesky same-sex attractions just by getting a makeover! I hate this show. Phoebe dispenses some advice of the "high school is hard, but you'll make it through" variety that I won't bother to transcribe, because we've all heard it thousands of times before on other programs. Having thus learned her Very Important Lesson About Life, Aviva makes to leave. Phoebe, however, first elicits a promise that the whole Charmed Ones thing will remain their secret.

Elsewhere in the city, Prue's staking out Andy's condo in the convertible I thought she totaled two episodes ago. He pulls up to the curb behind her, and the two emerge from their respective cars to snarl at each other on the sidewalk. Actually, Andy's doing most of the snarling, while Prue apologizes again and again for blowing him off and pushing him away. Andy believes that he's more invested in the relationship than she is, and resents being kept in the dark so often. He feels she thinks she can't trust him for some reason. Prue denies this, but Andy's not in the mood for her excuses and stomps off into his house alone. Prue closes her eyes wearily and sighs as we fade to black.

Wait. That's it? What an odd, low-key ending for this show.

Next time, the gals battle a mutant from the future who's intent on altering his past. No, really. No. Really. Have fun.

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