The Lost Picture Show

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The One Where Demian Loses His Mind. Again.

...the Closing Travelogue. The sun eventually rises over the city, and we hoof it over to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge to wrap up Raige's Issue Of The Week with her deadbeat drunk of a genetic father, and as they already had this conversation three years ago, we'll be zipping right over to...

...some anonymous cemetery, where The Retarded Bimbo carefully brushes some fallen leaves from the headstone J.D.'s family erected in his memory fifty years ago. She gazes mournfully at it for a moment before placing a single white rose across his name. The camera spirals up above her head, pulling back towards the sky, as we finally fade to black.

Next week, something about a battle of the sexes that requires The Retard to dress like a hooker. Again. Happy Dolt dreams, everyone!

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