The Three Faces Of Phoebe

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Phoeby! Phoebi! Phoebé!

Bimbo Boudoir. Phrances gazes at a framed snapshot of Phoebe and Cole caught in a loving embrace. Phrances lets herself get a little verklempt at this. Aw. Phrances quickly snaps out of it, though, when Phoebe clomps into the bedroom. Phoebe lays it on the line: Phrances must answer the question Phoebe posed when reciting the spell. Should she or should she not marry Cole? Phoebette's pretty much weighed in on the topic. If Phrances doesn't do so as well, Phrances and Phoebette will be trapped in 2002, thereby risking Phoebe's life and, by extension, the lives of Piper and Raige. Phrances rightly notes that she can't answer Phoebe's question without also risking the lives of untold thousands in the future. Phoebe, of course, makes it all about her, upbraiding Phrances for setting Phoebe down the path to become an embittered, loveless old bag in fifty-odd years. Phrances's duty to the past as she knows it, though, precludes any further discussion of the matter. Phoebe tosses attitude all around the Boudoir, babbling something about Phrances having "doomed [them] both," and stomps out of the room. Phrances turns back to the photo on Phoebe's vanity, then glances off to the side thoughtfully. No, Phrances! Don't give in to that whiny little sow!

Down on the sun porch, Cole paces restlessly while Piper works on the vanquish and Raige scries for Kurzon. Phoebe enters and flops down onto the wicker loveseat next to Piper in frustration. Phrances isn't being terribly helpful, she announces, and fills them in on Phrances's side of the argument. Cole gets the faintest hint of a smile when he hears that Phrances's justification for remaining mum on the topic of the future is just as D'Eartha predicted it would be. Or, you know, TAFKATS smiles through Cole. Whatever. There's some pointless nattering about Raige's personal-gain issue before the scrying crystal slams down onto the city map in the middle of a waterfront neighborhood. The Ps leap to their feet to exit. Phoebe playfully warns Cole to stay away from the Boudoir "unless [he wants] to get slapped again." Raige asks if Cole wants to join them on the Kurzon hunt. Cole's all, "Who? Me? Why? I'm not a demon anymore!" Raige shrugs and follows Piper and Phoebe out of the Manor. Cole immediately blazes out of the sun porch.

Chamber Of D'Eartha. Cole blazes in. D'Eartha stands with her back to him. "Look at me," Cole orders. D'Eartha ignores him. "Look at me!" Cole rages. D'Eartha wheels around, alarmed. She sent Kurzon to kill Phoebe, didn't she? Didn't Cole warn her to leave Phoebe alone? D'Eartha claims whatever she did was in Cole's best interests. Cole conjures an SFBOD and leaves it hanging in the air as he rails at D'Eartha for disobeying his orders. He mutters that should Phoebe die, Cole will lose his soul. TAFKATS needs Cole's soul "to regain what [TAFKATS has] lost." D'Eartha is delighted to hear TAFKATS speaking of Cole in the third person. Me? Not so much. It's a bitch to type, for one thing. TAFKATS assures D'Eartha that he's willing to forgive her transgression this once. Should D'Eartha attempt to injure Phoebe in the future? TAFKATS whips the SFBOD into a wall, where it explodes. D'Eartha jumps a bit at the impact. The implication is, of course, that D'Eartha will be the recipient of the next SFBOD. TAFKATS blazes out as D'Eartha glances uneasily at his disappearing form.

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