The Three Faces Of Phoebe

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Phoeby! Phoebi! Phoebé!

Manor parlor. Phoebette relates her version of events, which doesn't offer any of them much information, seeing as how she "fainted" and everything. Raige hands her a glass of water. Phoebette demands to know who the hell Raige is, anyway. Raige begins to answer truthfully, but Piper and Phoebe quickly natter the lie that Raige is their cousin. I don't know why I'm bothering, but given the events of this episode, I have to wonder why the current Ps wouldn't be honest about Raige's background and tell Phoebette about the circumstances surrounding the death of The Late Lamented. One would assume the kid could then tell Grams when she returns to 1984, and Grams could decide whether or not to warn the gals about the fatal encounter with Fruma-Shax. It's what I would do, at any rate, but then again, I'm not the screaming diva who had Shannen Doherty fired. Speaking of screaming divas, the Dolt proposes that he orb away from the Manor with Phoebette. Kurzon obviously knows who the tyke is, so it would be in Phoebe's best interest to get the kid out of the house. Cole, meanwhile, can have "allergy attack" join "malaria" and "heroin withdrawal" on his list of apparent afflictions. His lower lids are puffy and red, and his eyes are slitted and watery. Am I really supposed to believe that none of the others notice anything wrong with him? Anyway, the Dolt takes Phoebette by the hand, and the two orb out.

Raige moves to take Phoebette's glass back to the kitchen and spots the bloody dagger on the rug. She hoists it into the air and asks Cole where it came from. Cole thinks fast and tells them the dagger is Kurzon's. The demon tried to use it on Cole, but Cole managed to nail the demon with it instead. Piper suspiciously asks Cole why Kurzon would resort to something as low-tech as a knife when he has all sorts of dark demonic powers at his disposal. Cole doesn't know! Besides! There's enough blood on the dagger to scry for Kurzon! So who cares! Piper and Raige raise eyebrows of doubt at this explanation, but choose to go along with it for the moment. Cole's staggering through the Manor like Typhoid Mary, and it's his explanation for the damned dagger that sets their Spidey sense to tingling? Whatever. Raige wanders off to fetch a map and a crystal. Cole plants himself in a chair while Piper and Phoebe try to figure out how Kurzon knew about Phoebette. Cole too-casually reminds them of D'Eartha. Piper and Phoebe decide that this explanation makes enough sense to satisfy their curiosity. Phoebe asks Cole to assist Piper in composing a Kurzon vanquish while she attempts to reason with her elder self up in the Bimbo Boudoir.

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