The Truth Is Out There And It Hurts

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Ow! Quit it. Ow! Quit it.

Buckland's. Phoebe catches up with Prue and drags her off for a private chat. As Phoebe details the information she received from Andy, Manky Tanya brushes past, flinging Phoebe into a rerun of her earlier premonition. Phoebe gasps and chases after the imperiled lunch lady. Unfortunately, Manky Tanya disappears into the elevator before Phoebe can reach her.

Elevator. The undertaker presses the button for the lobby, then smarmily introduces himself to Manky Tanya.

Meanwhile, Phoebe hammers away at the call button up on Prue's floor. Prue orders her to take the stairs while she herself calls security. The Glamorous Ladies peel off in opposite directions.

Outside in the parking lot, Manky Tanya shrieks while trying and failing to twist herself out of the undertaker's grip on her arm. Phoebe shoots through the "Buckland's Employee Entrance," takes a brief moment to evaluate the situation, then grabs a couple of glass bottles of mineral water from Manky Tanya's overturned lunch cart. She races over to the struggling pair and clouts the undertaker with one of the bottles just as he trains his laser beam on Tanya's forehead. The undertaker releases Tanya's arm and turns to glower at the Feebs, the metallic knob visible between his eyebrows. Phoebe yodels for Tanya to run, then whomps the other bottle against the undertaker's temple. The two women skitter into Tanya's car while the undertaker picks himself off the pavement. As the car tears out of the lot, Prue emerges from the office building with two guards. She screams for Phoebe, but Phoebe and Tanya are pretty much long gone. The undertaker glares at Prue as we fade out into commercial.

Manor. Phoebe dabs some rubbing alcohol onto the scorch mark on Tanya's forehead while Tanya explains the situation to her husband over the phone. After she hangs up, she demands to know what's going on. Phoebe, forced by the spell to tell this woman the unalloyed truth, gives her the short version of the events thus far. Manky Tanya, of course, at first refuses to believe her, but something in Phoebe's tone of voice convinces her that a demon with a laser embedded in his skull really is trying to kill her.

[72virg=ins]. Piper babbles a promise into the phone to return to the Manor as soon as she can, then hangs up when Jason Stuart, Professional Homosexual breezes into the kitchen. The bloated fairy blithely shoves a to-do list into her hands and airily announces that he'll return after the dinner rush is over. Piper loses it. "No one person can do all of this!" she bellows, wagging the list in his face. "How do you expect me to do it alone?" "'Cause I know you will," he replies. "Why spend money on more employees when I know you'll do it, and you won't complain? I got a bargain -- all the work for half the price!"

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