The Truth Is Out There And It Hurts

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Ow! Quit it. Ow! Quit it.

Twinkle-Toes: ...
Demian: Hey! You drown in the toilet or something?
Twinkle-Toes: You told me to shut up, so I've shut up.
Demian: Oh. Well, uh, keep at it. With the shutting up, I mean.
Twinkle-Toes, sotto voce: Asshole.

The Professional Homosexual is appalled at the words that just flew from his mouth, and attempts to apologize. Piper's having none of it, and quits on the spot. Woo!

Buckland's. Prue wanders through the hall towards her office, silently stalked by the undertaker. The undertaker stops short when he hears her greet Andy, and skulks back to his hiding place. Meanwhile, Prue and Andy attempt small talk before getting down to business, but the truth spell keeps knocking them cross-eyed. Andy's casual "How are you?" is met with "I'm a nervous wreck" by way of response. When Prue lobs the same question back at him, Andy giggles and blurts, "My heart's pounding like a sledgehammer!" An awkward pause follows as the thick fug of conversational flatulence settles into the room around them. Prue twists her hands around for a bit, then offers Andy a seat. He admits that he'd like very much to start dating her again, but he knows things wouldn't work out if she continues to keep secrets from him. "Actually," Prue begins, "that's what I wanted to see you about. Except, instead of telling you, I thought I'd show you." Andy arches a bemused brow, then at Prue's urging focuses his attention on a small marble pyramid-shaped paperweight on her desk. Prue squints at the thing, and it slides smoothly from one side of her desk to the other. Andy leaps from his chair as if one of those land-crossing Frankenfish just flopped over to take out a chunk of his ass with its teeth. With a bit of defensive tittering, he stammers, "What the hell was that?" Prue fixes a nervous smile on her face and faux-perks, "My secret! I, uh, did that with my mind." "You're telekinetic?" Andy spits incredulously. Prue starts in with the babbling, nattering that "it's so much more than that" and copping to the whole bitchcraft deal as she circles her desk to approach him. Andy keeps edging away from her towards the door. Prue's yammering eventually grinds to a halt, and she asks plaintively, "Are you okay with this?" "I don't know," Andy stutters. "Of all the things I thought you were hiding, this was actually nowhere on the list. So, does this mean Piper and Phoebe are...?" "Yep," Prue replies, crossing back to her chair. She explains the gals inherited their powers from their mother, and adds that any children she has -- "if they're girls" -- will also inherit the Halliwell bitchcraft. Andy, needless to say, is flummoxed. He wonders if she can somehow rid herself of the bitchcraft if she really wanted to do so. Prue's visibly taken aback at this, but manages to answer, "No, Andy, I can't change who I am -- and that's something I've recently come to accept. The question is, can you?" Gay subtext, table for Prue. Andy hesitates, but finally shakes his head to admit that he honestly hasn't a clue what his reaction to all of this is. Prue dejectedly averts her eyes from his.

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