The Truth Is Out There And It Hurts

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Ow! Quit it. Ow! Quit it.

Anyway, Phoebe shakes her Magic Eight Ball and receives "ASK AGAIN LATER" as a response. Phoebe's pissed. "How am I supposed to plan my future without a little direction?" she pouts as she approaches her sisters. Prue snarks something about Phoebe relying upon a children's toy for information when she has the power of premonition. Phoebe reminds us all -- again -- that she can't use her power for personal gain. Piper darts to Phoebe's side, urging her to ask the Ball if Prue and Andy will ever get back together. Phoebe complies, but neither P shares the "interesting" answer with Prue. "You two are cruel," Prue smirks, snatching the thing from Phoebe's hand as Piper's pager bleeps in the background. Piper looks at the message and grunts, "That was my boss, Martin. I have to get back to the restaurant." "He's working you to death!" Phoebe wails, expositing that Piper's pulled two doubles in as many days, and that tonight was to be her first night off in a week, or something. "Tell him to stuff it!" she orders, as Prue ducks her head to grin wryly at the idea of Piper standing up to any authority figure at all, much less the one who controls her paycheck. Piper, meanwhile, waves Phoebe off and speed-dials [72virg=ins] on her cell. Long story short, Piper immediately caves to her boss's demands and informs Phoebe and Prue that she has to leave. They bust on her amiably for a bit before Phoebe peels off to escort her to the car, leaving Prue alone to hold their place on line.

As the two head towards the parking garage, Phoebe inadvertently brushes against the passing undertaker's arm, and is immediately plunged into a premonition. A straggly-haired lass shrieks as a blue laser bores into her skull above the bridge of her nose before she collapses lifeless to the pavement of an outdoor parking lot, her irises replaced by cataracts and an ugly, gaping wound between her eyebrows. Phoebe snaps out of it and screams for Piper as she wheels around, searching for the premonition's source. The undertaker has disappeared. As Phoebe fills Piper in on the details of the vision, a squad car squeals through a nearby intersection and vanishes into the parking garage. The nosy Ps race down the sidewalk to see what gives, followed presently by Prue.

The ladies dart past a knot of gawkers to gaze upon a glaring continuity error. Dr. Mitchell is much as we last saw him -- that is, quite dead, with an ugly, gaping wound on his forehead -- but his irises have magically reappeared. And this episode was going so well. "Oh, my God," Prue breathes. Piper whispers, "Phoebe saw this murder before it happened." "No," Phoebe corrects, inching towards the corpse with dread. "I think I saw the next one." Um, duh, sweetie. We know. The gals glance uneasily at each other for a moment before they're overwhelmed by the opening credits.

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