The Wendigo

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And On This Week's Bastardization Theater...

[72virg=ins]. Piper serves her sisters a cold drink as thanks for saving her "hide." They take a moment to mourn Mikey, which is nice, if more than he deserves. Piper asks Prue what she told Andy, and she actually basically told him the truth, minus the whole "I'm a witch and I'll turn you into a horny toad if you ever so much as look at another woman" part. Anyway, Andy was stunned, but Prue thinks he might have at least partially believed her. "It was the closest that we've ever come to having an honest conversation." I guess he gave you the "I'll respect you in the morning" speech back in high school, huh? Phoebe suggests that maybe Andy's more open to Prue's bitchcraft than she thought. Prue smiles at the thought, and then says it's time to go back to work. Phoebe quits, surprise surprise. Basically, it's too emotionally draining for her to be around all the premonition-filled bric-a-brac at Buckland's. So let me get this straight: Not only is Phoebe quitting gainful employment after a day and a half, one of the reasons she's doing it is to avoid her calling. She's just a tulip, isn't she? Phoebe says she needs to find her own world, and Prue says she will. Piper's voice goes deep: "Just stay out of my world or I'll kill you." She gets up, and Prue and Phoebe goggle at each other before Piper tells them she was kidding. Nicely played, Piper, and the funniest moment of the episode, as Prue and Phoebe make little "I'm crushing your head" gestures at each other in frustration. Too bad my heart turned to ice several pages ago.

I just took back the grade bonus I gave this episode. Why? Two words: It. Blew.

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