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There's Something About The Dolt

The camera rejoins the ongoing bickering as the two clomp down the main stairs to the foyer. Piper's blaring something about the "invisible demon [of the week]" who's killing innocents and who might, for all they know, be working with the Avatars. As she storms through the dining room towards the kitchen, the Dolt, racing along behind her, protests that the Avatars can't possibly be involved. Piper whirls around to howl, "And how would you know?" "I don't," the Dolt splutters with much animated shrugging of dolty shoulders. "I just don't think they're the threat everyone thinks they are." "Why?" the suddenly appearing Phoebe demands, wrapped in a blue plaid steamer blanket and toting a thermos of coffee. Raige, in a rather boxy green jacket, silently accompanies Phoebe from the kitchen, clutching a couple of potion vials in her thin, pale hand. The Dolt argues that if the Avatars really were so powerful a force of evil, they would have attacked long before now. "Sending a demon to possess you doesn't count?" Piper incredulously snorts. The Dolt dimly supposes the Avatars were simply trying to communicate with them, albeit in an incredibly stupid way. "Why didn't they just try calling you, [Dolt]?" Raige pertly snaps. The frustrated Dolt purses his lips, which for some reason reminds me of the New York Times review of Christmas With The Kranks, wherein Jamie Lee Curtis is called "a transvestite chimpanzee." Hee. "Are you hiding something?" a suspicious Phoebe squints. Now that you've got your powers back, why don't you call upon your Fucking Backup Band to find out, hag? Oh that's right -- it's because you never called upon your Fucking Backup Band to find out anything useful, EVER. Christ, I hate this show.

"No," the Dolt lies. "Yes," Piper counters with finality before spinning to ask Raige if she's sure the potions will work. "As sure as I can be at 5 AM," Raige tiredly groans. The Dolt attempts to interject something, but Phoebe ignores him to find out if Piper knows where the next attack will be. "They're making a pentagram," Piper explains, "and there's only one point left, so we need to get there before sunrise." As she determinedly crosses to Phoebe's side, the Dolt cries, "You can't walk out on this!" "You're right!" Piper sings. "We should orb!" Heh. "Sixteenth and Mission," she instructs, tossing an arm across Phoebe's shoulders. Raige latches onto Phoebe's blanket and dissolves into a ceiling-bound cloud of orbs, dragging first Phoebe, then Piper into the cloud after her. It's so nice when the effects team pays attention to the small details like th...

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