Trial By Magic

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Guineas and goombahs and wops, oh my!

Manor, the morning after the night before. Piper gazes on as the Dolt, clad in jeans, a grey t-shirt, and a toolbelt, puts some finishing touches on the reconstructed front doors. Where is this coming from? I mean, I know he was their handyman for a while, but they haven't had the little pussy risk a splinter in over two seasons. And the "banter" is just making me sick. The Dolt "like[s] working with [his] hands." Titter titter, nudge nudge. Piper likes guys in toolbelts. Bun chicka wah wah. I like getting through an hour of this show without vomiting. SO SHUT THE HELL UP. Besides, Piper, the Dolt's a hardhat and a handlebar moustache away from joining the frigging Village People. Thankfully, Raige emerges from the parlor at this moment with Slampiece Glenn. He's decided it's probably for the best if he crashes with a friend over in Oakland for the remainder of his stay. He also reveals that Raige's childhood nickname was "Noogie." We'll never again hear that referenced, nor will we ever again see Glenn, so let's all just wave goodbye as he exits the Manor, shall we? Once he's gone, Raige proffers an apology to Piper: "You're right. Keeping our secret is the most important thing. I should have listened to you." Piper graciously grants Raige's plea for forgiveness, and admits that she herself "can be a little harsh at times." Phoebe squirrels in through the door to note the Dolt's fairy dust had its expected effect on the United Colors Of Jury Duty. When she dropped by Tanya's apartment, Tanya thought she was the Avon lady. Raige hesitates for a moment, wondering if the Dolt should sprinkle the fairy dust on Glenn as well. The Dolt doesn't want to, and fortunately for him, Piper and Phoebe agree that it's not necessary. If Raige can trust Glenn to keep his mouth shut, they can as well. The gals link arms to head down the hall as the Dolt bends over to futz with the doorknob (shut up) and we fade to black.

Next week: "Full frontal Phoebe." Shudder.

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