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Mata Whori

Meanwhile, Mata Whori has spent this entire time muttering darkly to herself about freedom and revenge. Piper wonders what Phoebe could possibly have in common with the dead spy in question. "Duplicitous?" Raige suggests. "Living a double life? Ring any bells?" Not really, Raige, but I'll toss out a few words that do: Hussy. Trollop. Strumpet. Jezebel. Harlot. Bimbo. See? If you had chosen a couple of those, I'm sure Piper would have figured it all out immediately. Mata Whori decides she's had enough of this and flees the sun porch for the stairs. Piper grimaces and tosses out a casual freeze. She and Raige then cross into the hall and plant themselves in front of The Whoresicle. Piper unfreezes The Whoresicle, but before she can launch a bitchy tirade in her errant sister's direction, two of the bondage clones squiggle onto the sun porch and conjure a pair of Flaming Balls Of Death. Raige snipers behind the couch with Mata Whori as Piper dodges the FBODs before vanquishing the offending queens with a pair of Hands. "Why am I always the one getting hit?" she howls as she examines the slight gouge an FBOD left in her shoulder. Three more bondage queens squiggle onto the sun porch with their backs to Piper. "Behind you!" Mata Whori calls. Wench. Piper scowls at Mata Whori before demolishing the middle of the new arrivals. The other two lunge in opposite directions as Raige watches helplessly. Yet another bondage queen squiggles into the Manor and calls out, "Take her!" One of the clones snags Mata Whori's arm as the other scorches Raige's shoulder with an FBOD before they all squiggle away with Mata Whori in tow. Raige and Piper regroup to examine their respective wounds. "Am I crazy," Raige wonders, "or was she trying to save them from us?" "Pfft," Piper offers by way of reply. My sentiments exactly.

Bondage A Go-Go. Long story short, Mata Whori proposes an alliance with the Swarm King. The Glamorous Ladies have "centuries" of good karma protecting them from the dark demonic forces such as His Majesty. Mata Whori figures that if the Swarm King slaughters an innocent on her behalf, said innocent's death might throw a wrench into the whole karmic system. The bondage clones might then be able to vanquish both Piper and Raige, and along with them the Power of Three and the Charmed Ones' collective destiny and yadda yadda yadda. Whatever. Not gonna happen. The Swarm King ignores me to see if Mata Whori had a particular innocent in mind.

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