We All Scream For Ice Cream

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We All Scream For Ice Cream

Commercials. You know that Sprite ad where the guy without a cell phone screams up at his girlfriend, telling her the doctor told him "it's not contagious" and they should get together some time? And that girl in the corner of the shot stops dead in the middle of the conversation she's having on her cell phone and says into her phone, "Oh, GURRRRL"? It didn't air during this break, but it cracks me up every time I see it. Which is often.

Back from the break, Piper and Phoebe are still on the demon brats' trail. They hear them giggling, and hide behind some bushes. They overhear Old Navy again plotting to destroy the van once and for all. Old Navy notes that the van is "in the junkyard." I'm assuming he's referring to the city impound lot here. Piper decides that the two Ps can handle three little brats on their own, but the brat triad is joined at that moment by three more. Phoebe and Piper head off to the city lot to hook up with Prue and Victor.

At the lot, Phoebe and Piper ease their way through the chain-link gate Prue had broken through earlier. Phoebe wonders if the demon six have arrived ahead of herself and Piper. She's answered by the snickering titters of the demonlets, who are hidden among the parked cars. Phoebe and Piper realize they're being surrounded, and Phoebe attempts to allay Piper's mounting anxiety by reminding her that she can freeze the demonlets should she need to. A demonlet picks this moment to hurl a trailer hitch at the back of Piper's head, knocking her out. Phoebe drags Piper behind a car and checks for a pulse in Piper's carotid artery. Then Phoebe leaves Piper unconscious behind the car, and moves out into the open, challenging the "little brats" to "bring it on."

Molesterland. Prue directs Victor to the top of the slide, telling him it's the way out. As Victor reaches the top, The Nothing opens up again in the sky and latches on to Prue. She grabs onto a rung and calls for Victor, who grips Prue's arms. After a brief struggle against The Nothing, Victor pulls Prue out of the force field and into a comforting hug.

Impound lot. Piper remains unconscious as Phoebe eyes the closing circle of demon brats around her. One jumps her from behind, but she flings him over her head into a couple of the others. The Plaited Princess blows another kiss, sending Phoebe flying across the asphalt. The brats regroup and approach the prone Phoebe as Prue and Victor struggle out the back door of the van; Prue assesses the situation and immediately sends the brats flying with a little TK. Prue hands the replacement crystal for the Chord to Victor, and sends him off to repair the truck. She TKs The Plaited Princess into the chain link fence, then grabs Phoebe to run for cover from Otto's fireball. Old Navy sneaks up on Victor from behind and prepares to fry him the same way he fried the Molester. Prue TKs Old Navy across the lot. Prue and Victor exchange a Look Of Familial Significance, and Victor then drops the crystal into its socket. The crystal glows white, and the Demonic Chord starts a-chiming. The brood, mesmerized, wanders over to the van's window, where they all are sucked, screaming, into Molesterland.

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