Which Prue Is It Anyway?

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Once, Twice, Three Times A Ball-Buster
No Dolt! I'm three for three!


A lovely nighttime shot of the Golden Gate bridge gives way to a less lovely shot of the exterior of a "Pop's Gym." Inside, two men are sparring in a boxing ring, while someone on the sidelines coaches one of them. As they trade punches, a man who looks kind of like a Poor Man's Daniel Davis from The Nanny, but with an unfortunate silvery mullet, surreptitiously enters and observes. With one of the boxers already on the ropes, the other, who looks like he could get hit by a tapir and not feel a thing, lands a haymaker, knocking the first one to the mat. The larger man starts to advance, but is held back by the coach with a "Whoa! Whoa! You gonna kill him!" Perhaps he simply thinks the guy has really tasty-looking ears. Nevertheless, I think a boxer who behaves in this fashion would likely have been banned by the WBF ages ago, but all this is just so Poor Man's Daniel Davis With A Mullet can smile evilly to himself. Shut up, PMDDWAM.

Sometime later, the Mack Truck With A Nasty Temper is getting ready to leave when PMDDWAM enters with an appreciative "Luther Stubbs." Thankfully, that's one nickname I can jettison. Actually, I don't really want to dwell on the silver mullet anymore, either. The dude's name is Gabriel, and the writing staff must have thought it ironic to name a warmongering murderer after an angel. I would counter that "ironic" isn't quite the word. It's more...what's the word I'm looking for..."stupid." Anyway, Gabriel slathers on the exposition, telling us that Stubbs was part of the bloodiest fight he's ever seen, and "the other boxer didn't even make it to the hospital. Died in the ring." Well, first off, it's not like this has never happened in real life, but still, nice job, ref. Also, Stubbs presumably knows all this, since he was there and all, so this all comes off more forced than a shotgun wedding. Stubbs airily says that everyone's got to go sometime, and that's just so we don't feel bad about Gabriel drawing a sword and sliding it into Stubbs's gut, saying he needs his "killer instinct." I think what he needs is less "killer instinct" and more "murderous rage," and given that, I'm glad this guy was disposed of before Television Without Pity came into being. A lot of recappers would have died of gut wounds otherwise. Anyway, using the sword, Gabriel sucks some light out of Stubbs's corpse, and leaves, looking very smug. Perhaps now that your sword has accomplished its task, you could use it to CUT YOUR HAIR.

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