Witch Trial

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Witch Trial

Establishing shot of the sun rising on the SF skyline, from Alcatraz Island. Oh no! They're too late. Oops, Owen's wrong. The producers just didn't want to do any night shooting. Cut to an overhead shot of the sisters holding hands in a circle in the wooded clearing at Nekkid Rock. The camera spins around them in full daylight as the sisters chant, and the director shamelessly uses storyboards from The Craft. The Braxas appears in a cheesy F/X window above them. Braxas: "What are you doing? Why did you bring me here?" Halliwells: "In this night, and in this hour, we call upon this ancient power." The book falls upon the rock in front of Phoebe. The Braxas spins around and gets sucked away. Phoebe grabs the book and adds: "And we didn't even have to get naked!" Cue the laugh track.

Halliwell Manor. Day. Prue returns the book to its stand in the attic. Piper walks over to erase the chalk drawing from the wall. Blah blah denouement blah blah. Phoebe looks at the "Rite of Passage" page again, and sees that it warned them of far greater danger than they thought. Phoebe thinks that had she known, she might have wanted to lose her powers, too. Prue says that Phoebe helped remind her how much they both like being witches. Piper adds, "Hey! Me three! Too bad it doesn't pay the bills." Phoebe and Prue surprise Piper with a check for sixty grand to open up her nightclub. They took out a second mortgage on the manor, and will be Piper's partners. And just when our hearts couldn't get any warmer, the ghost of Grams appears in front of the BoS, saying, "The Power of Three." It turns out that not only has Grams been the one looking out for the sisters and turning the pages of the Book of Shadows for them, but the writer of this episode has seen the The Sixth Sense and is trying to rip off the devastating emotional scene at the end where the mom finds out the grandmother's been visiting the grandson and that's why he has the bumblebee brooch. And just when we've gotten that bad taste into our mouths, Grams disappears and the girls look at what's written in calligraphy on the open page of the BoS: "Happy Anniversary! My darlings." The scene ends before the sisters flip the book over to make sure it's a Hallmark.

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