Witch Trial

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Witch Trial

Mini Devil conjures up Jeremy, Piper's demon lover from the series premiere last year. Jeremy's carrying a big knife and is wearing a torn and bloody Mrs. Voorhees sweater. Mini Devil asks Jeremy if he was vanquished by the Charmed Ones. We have a yes, and Jeremy is given "a second chance."

Piper necking with Rob. She hears Grams moan, "The Power of Three." Jeremy appears and knocks Rob out. Piper screams and freezes him, exclaiming, "Oh my God. Jeremy?" Piper calls Prue at the auction house and tells her the sitch. Prue tells her that Jeremy's appearance is impossible, but Piper tells her it is possible because of the loss of the BoS. Prue tells Piper that all the sisters will have to repeat the vanquishing spell together. Piper, quite unbelievably, conferences Phoebe on another line. Phoebe, a little too brightly considering the circumstances, answers the phone: "AT&T Power of Three!" Jeremy becomes unfrozen. Phoebe tells Piper to put the speakerphone on. They say their insipid incantation. Jeremy disappears. Piper tells her sisters she's okay.

All respect to Levi's, but sex with paint would seem to be both messy and potentially toxic. And Owen's a big hypocrite for slamming Piper for opening a nightclub when she really wants to open a restaurant, because he'd much rather be watching the series premiere of Buffy than this show.

The Industrial Zone. An ambulance has arrived. Rob is on a stretcher, all bandaged up, asking Piper, "How could you NOT have seen who attacked me?" Piper doesn't know. Rob is "starting to understand why this place keeps going under." Word. Piper exclaims, "This is not a high crime area! Not at all!" Rob will be checking into it. Piper sighs. Rob is taken out of the club on a gurney as Prue enters. Prue glances at him. Rob: "Yeah. Hey. How you doing?" BWA HA HA. More Rob, please. Prue asks if Piper is okay. Piper is all right "physically," but her "loan is on shaky ground." Prue says she thinks it would be a shame if the club didn't work out because it "has potential." Potential to be Quake After Dark, in Owen's opinion. The hard P's continue to bemoan the loss of the BoS, and Piper tells Prue about the warning from Grams. Both hope that Phoebe, who's doing research, will find a solution.

The camera, checking out Phoebe at the computer from feet to braids, like a roué. She looks out the window and sees Jenny sitting on the stoop with Kit "Mrs. Bigglesworth" Halliwell. Phoebe joins them, and re-introduces herself. Phoebe tells Jenny that the cat's name is "Kit, Kit the Cat, get it? A little play on words?" Jenny looks at Phoebe as if to join Owen in replying, "Infinitesimal." Jenny says she's not in school this week blah blah moving in blah blah her dad's with the State Department blah blah didn't get hold of her mother blah blah. Phoebe asks Jenny what she's upset about, and Jenny admits that "it's almost that time of the month, and she needs some... Phoebe: "Tampons." Owen: "A-ha." ("Oh, brother." -- Sars) Jenny's pissed because she told Uncle Dan about her needs and he bought sanitary napkins by mistake -- "as if THAT'S going to work." Phoebe shudders and makes an "ugh" face. Jenny adds, "It's SO embarrassing." Word. Jenny asks Pheebs if she can get some tampons for her. Phoebe's too busy having an epiphany from looking at the symbol on Kit's collar. Piper drives up. Phoebe says she has to go. Jenny, all snotty and fresh as paint, says, "Fine." Aren't we all glad that Jenny's going to be a recurring character this season? Doesn't she get more lovable with every scene? Phoebe takes her cat back, and tells Jenny that she'd love to help her out, but Jenny really needs to talk to her uncle, and "if he still screws up, we're open twenty-four hours, seven days a week." Well handled, Pheebs. She walks up to Piper and tells her that she had an idea. Phoebe thinks the BoS is still around, and they'll have to use the triquatra symbol to call for it. She thinks that Grams has been trying to point them toward the triquatra, because it symbolizes the Power of Three. Piper: "You're rambling." Heh.

Sunroom of Halliwell Manor. Piper and Phoebe use the "spirit board" to try to find the BoS. The actresses need to learn how to pronounce "ouija." Grams moans "The Power of Three." The sprit board spells out "BRAXAS." Phoebe the Mensa chapter president repeats, "The Braxas."

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