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Manor attic. Raige and the Dolt peruse D'Eartha's entry in the Book of Shadows. You'd think they'd have done this months ago, like, oh, when D'Eartha supposedly ruined Phoebe's wedding and all, but whatever. The entry doesn't really tell us anything we haven't already heard: D'Eartha's "an upper-level demon who has been around for thousands of years," and "because she has the power to see the future, she is a close adviser to The Source Of All Evil." She's "served multiple Sources," choosing to support the "ultimate power," rather than take that ultimate power for herself. Finally, D'Eartha's "immune to spells and tonics," but as The Sole himself noted, she "only kills when she has to." Phoebe and Piper enter at this moment with their tale of gynecological woe. Raige brightly supposes that demonic offspring are "what you get when you breed with The Source Of All Evil." "Can we not say 'breed'?" Phoebe snits. "I'm not a horse." Raige is all, "Whatever you want, you stroppy cow," as Phoebe blithers on about The Sole being only half-evil and how she's all good, so her baby must have a lot of good in it. Piper quietly asks, "What if there's not?" Phoebe wades into denial, insisting that her love for the brat will save him. Because that strategy worked so well with your dead husband. Moron.

Raige changes the subject to note that they should be able to create a vanquishing potion for D'Eartha, much as they did for previous upper-level demonic forces like the Bi Kraps and the Garthalike. Piper tuts they'll need a difficult-to-acquire "tissue sample" for such a potion. Phoebe reveals that The Sole stored extra bottles of D'Eartha's purely evil urine -- which coincidentally contained some of D'Eartha's blood, like, that's almost as vile as it is convenient -- in the wall safe at the Casa. There's a brief bit of fretting over Phoebe's ability to return to the penthouse so soon after she vanquished her husband; then the gals plus the Dolt head towards the attic door. Phoebe thanks Raige once again for continuing to assist her, despite Phoebe's earlier behavior. Raige again tells Phoebe not to worry about it, so Phoebe throws Raige out of the attic window. No, seriously. Screaming, "Bitch!" and spinning around on her heels, Phoebe hurls Raige through the attic window. Outside, Detective Darryl strolls up the front walk just in time for a hail of shattered stained glass to slice open his befuddled head. He looks skyward to spot Raige flailing her way through the air to the cement. At the last moment, Raige orbs out, leaving Darryl to drop to his knees, clawing at the shards embedded in his eyes as he screams in agony. Or not. Darryl got really lucky, I guess.

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