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Wrestling with the Nielsens

Back from break, Slammer starts pounding Tom in the ring. Prue moves to stop it, but is held back by Piper and Phoebe. More wrestling. Tom's getting his ass kicked. Phoebe suggests they head back upstairs to "rethink this whole thing." Prue insists they soldier on. Phoebe acidly notes that it's fine if they try to save a demon, just as long as said demon is one of Prue's. Prue glares as Piper notes that it's more than stupid for the Charmed Ones to risk their lives for one person. Wrestle, wrestle, wrestle. Prue reminds the other two that they "don't get to pick and choose who to save," and the three move to stop the fight. A group of demon trainees closes in, but Piper freezes them. Ron tosses a metal sphere with a trio of nasty-looking razors spiking out of it towards Tom in the ring. The sphere hovers at his neck. Ron tells them that their "little parlor tricks" might work on the recruits, but they have no effect on him. He lifts his sleeve to reveal eight or nine chevrons branded onto his forearm, and we cut to a filing room in the police station.

The Dolt orbs in behind Darryl, who rushes to close the door as he chides The Dolt for pulling his Whitelighter schtick where others might see it. The Dolt can't get a read on the sisters' location, and quizzes Darryl about recent events. Darryl tells him the Ps have gone after Ron, and hands The Dolt the information he's managed to pull on Tom's "manager." The Dolt gets Ron's address from the file and orbs out, ignoring the questions Darryl is asking him. Darryl: "Oh, now, see. That ain't right." Snerk.

Perlman Academy of Demonic Arts and Crafts. Threats and negotiation. The Ps know Ron's running up against his deadline, and will risk the wrath of The Source if he allows Tom to die. The jock pipes up that he's more than willing to abide by the deal he's made with Ron. Ron waves his hand, and the sphere at Tom's neck disappears. Ron oozes that he knew the jock would see things his way, and promises Tom "a perfect kill." Piper: "Not if we put him on ice." She freezes the jock and smirks. Ron threatens bodily harm, but Piper claims that, if she's hurt, everyone she's frozen will remain that way. Ron thinks she's bluffing, but is willing to talk. Prue makes him an offer. She and Phoebe will go up against two of Ron's minions in the ring. If she and Phoebe win, Tom and the sisters go free. If they lose, Ron keeps Tom, and the sisters die. Ron agrees.

The Ps retreat to the dungeon hallway to strategize. Phoebe chooses this moment to tell Prue about Cole. Before Prue gets a chance to process this information, Ron interrupts to introduce the gals to their opponents. They're two guys whose WCW names are "Thunder" and "Mega-Man." Mega-Man trash-talks about not knowing the meaning of the word "mercy." It's all so very tiresome. Prue straps her bitch on. Phoebe asks if she and Prue are "okay." Prue tells her to put a sock in it, and the three head to the ring. Prue and Phoebe climb through the ropes, Prue telling Phoebe, "I'm going to win this fight and save your ass. That way, I get to kick it myself later." The wrestling sequence starts off with Prue leaping into the air and kicking the two guys in the head at the same time. Phoebe squares off with Thunder, while Prue goes after Mega-Man. Piper plays the manager at ringside, shouting words of encouragement at her sisters. It's not working very well. Ron flicks a razor sphere into Piper's spine. She collapses to the floor, and the trainees unfreeze. "Called your bluff," Ron coos. He walks over to latch onto Tom and says, "Let's go see how your mom's doing, shall we?" Slammer guffaws as Ron and the jock head for the Elevator Of Doom. Prue and Phoebe continue to get their respective asses kicked. Thunder pins Phoebe to the mat. The Hellmouth opens up in the center of the ring as Mega-Man drags a stunned Prue over to her sister's side. Cut to commercial.

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