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Wrestling with the Nielsens

"Isn't that beautiful?" Piper asks. Prue agrees and notes, "Tom is back at home with his mother where he belongs." The Dolt adds that he was able to return Rasputin to his new owners. Phoebe guesses her lost-and-found "wasn't so bad after all." Piper begs to differ, claiming that they'll have to hold garage sales every weekend for the next three months to get rid of all the crap the spell brought back into the house. Phoebe groans and says she'll "fix it." Piper and The Dolt head off to dinner as Phoebe and Prue head into the parlor. Phoebe tosses the spell into the fire, and announces that "everything's back to normal." This, of course, leads to Cole Chat. Phoebe apologizes again, and attempts to explain her motive for letting Cole go. Prue sternly upbraids Phoebe for endangering their lives. Phoebe, apologetic: "So where do we go from here?" Prue, uncertain: "I don't know." A shot of the two gazing at each other in front of the fire, and we fade to black.

Next week, another "full night event," as the WB again delays airing The Gilmore Girls against Survivor II. The rerun is "Heartbreak City." In the new episode, the Halliwells get in touch with their inner bad girls. Mormon missionaries are forcibly flung out the manor door. The Dolt is frozen in a block of ice, then smashed to bits. I nod my head in approval of both actions. See you next week.

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