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Wrestling with the Nielsens

Cut to Chez Peters. Mama Peters has been keeping Tom's bedroom the way he left it in hopes of his return. The bed is made, football posters hang on the walls, and various trophies and citations are neatly arranged throughout. "He was so fast," Mama Peters says. "His coach said he could have run track too, but all Tom cares about is football." There is no way I can bust on this woman. Her son's been missing for more than six years, and she's still using the present tense. It's sad. Prue apologizes for not keeping in touch, and asks her what Tom's mood was like after he suffered his career-ending injury. Mama Peters notes, "He was depressed, but I understood it." Prue hints about the gambling scandal rumors, but Mama Peters denies them. No one has come looking for money from her, and "Mr. Kellman would have told [her] if there was a problem." Prue repeats the name. Mama Peters tells her that Ron Perlman is Tom's "business manager" and adds, "He was a wonderful help to me after Tom…went away." This woman is killing me, here. Prue gently asks Mama Peters what she thinks became of her son. Mama Peters supposes he "has some things to take care of, and he'll be home when he can." She adds firmly, "My son is a good man," and Prue smiles sadly at this poor, deluded woman.

Back at the manor, Phoebe lights a candle on the dining room table while Piper absently twiddles a crystal around in her right hand. They recite, "Guiding spirits, I ask your charity. Lend me your focus and clarity. Lead me to the one I cannot find. Restore that and my peace of mind." Prue has returned during this, and walks into the dining room, wondering what's up. Phoebe tells her they're more-or-less scrying for Tom, using a spell both she and Piper wrote. Piper corrects her, telling Prue that Phoebe came up with the spell on her own. Prue's impressed that Phoebe created a "ritual" so quickly. If all that's involved in a ritual are a candle, a crystal, and some really bad verse, she shouldn't be that impressed at all. Piper snarks that Phoebe didn't come up with the spell as quickly as Prue might think. Phoebe kicks Piper under the table and changes the subject, asking Prue what happened at the House of Delusion. Prue expresses her pity, telling them Mama Peters "talks about [Tom] as if he's been gone a week instead of six years -- and she actually thinks he's coming back." Prue reminds them they've "saved bad boys before." Piper reminds her that those bad boys "wanted to be saved," and says they don't know if Tom wants their help. She hints at the whole Colethazor thing, and Phoebe tells her to shut it. Phoebe asks if Prue has a plan of attack should the spell work. Is Prue prepared to vanquish her jock ex if necessary? Prue "hope[s] it won't come to that." The discussion is interrupted by a thump at the front door. The Ps scamper off to investigate.

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