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Wrestling with the Nielsens

Doorbell. Phoebe answers. It's Darryl, with Tom's police file. A fluffy white dog trots in behind him, heads into the parlor, and jumps up on the sofa. Piper storms through the hall, bitching, "Rasputin! Get off of the…" Then she stops herself and makes a "whuh?" face. Darryl asks them when they got a dog. Phoebe tells him Rasputin was Grams's pet. Piper adds, with extreme annoyance, that he's been missing for seven years. Phoebe tells Piper that it's "a minor side effect" of the spell they cast, and they can handle it. The phone continues to ring. Piper tosses her hands in the air in frustration, wondering why the machine isn't picking up, and stomps off into the kitchen. Phoebe baby-talks an explanation about the whole lost-and-found thing, but Darryl doesn't want to hear about it. Rasputin contentedly eyes the scene from his perch on the couch.

In the kitchen, Piper sees that the answering machine is full, and takes the call. It's "an old friend of Prue's." Piper searches the cupboard for a pen to take a message, but recoils when hundreds of pens and pencils fall to the floor from the drawer she opens. Among them is the ring The Dolt had misplaced. Piper tells Prue's friend to call back later, and hangs up. Phoebe enters and asks Piper what she's found. Piper turns to Phoebe and gasps. "Lost friends, Mom's ring," Piper replies, rising, "and your brown hair." Phoebe picks up a serving platter to check her reflection, and disconcertedly confirms her hair has indeed switched suddenly from blonde to brown. Darryl: "You were a blonde when you answered the door. How'd it change?" Phoebe: "Well, it must be because I colored my hair in that sink, so technically I lost it there, and now I found it again." She pauses, then continues, "I hope this doesn't affect my virginity."

Piper realizes that "everything is coming back to where it was lost," then realizes what Phoebe just admitted. Her train of thought is interrupted by a mound of socks pushing its way out of the laundry room into the kitchen. Phoebe admits that perhaps the side effects of her spell are greater than what she had anticipated. Piper tells her that the socks "had better be clean. Otherwise it's laundry day for you, missy." And that was the most amusing scene I've seen thus far on this show. Hee!

Up in the attic, Prue has a little chat with Tom. He denies ever having known her. She reveals that she knows about his bargain with Hell, the academy, the chevrons, and that he hasn't "killed an innocent yet." He struggles in vain against the ropes binding him to the chair, then tells her Ron will kill them both. Prue places the yearbook in his lap, reminding him that his image therein represents who he really is and who his "mother is waiting for." Way to push his nose into his failings in life, Prue. Tom calms down a bit and tells her that she either vanquishes him or he kills her. Prue replies, "Neither is going to happen. I am going to save you from yourself whether you like it or not." Oh, yeah. Codependency, table for two. She slams the yearbook down and leaves the attic, TKing Tom's ropes loose as she goes. He tugs at the ropes again as we cut to Prue, blathering a plan of action as she enters the kitchen. Her words sputter to a halt as she surveys the growing collection of lost items Piper and Phoebe have been finding "all over the house." Phoebe notes that her "lost-and-found spell is a little too enthusiastic." Piper is most displeased. Darryl asks if they've considered the possibility that the spell will recall demons they had taken care of in the past. Prue says she'd rather take care of "one demon at a time," and asks Darryl what he dug up on Tom. All he has is the missing-persons report. Prue tells him he needs to research Ron as the sound of the front door slamming comes in from the hall. Prue tells the others she decided to let the jock go, so they can follow him back to Ron and break Ron's hold on him. The Ps hustle out, leaving Darryl alone. An ominous breeze wafts through the room, accompanied by appropriately-eerie mouth-breathing noises. Balloons and teacups sway. Cereal boxes topple over. Darryl gets the hell out of there.

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