Y Tu Mummy También

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Y Tu Mammaries También

Manor. Piper enters through the front doors in a tasteful, relatively low-key crimson maternity blouse with a few subtly-embroidered pink floral accents. Well, they're subtle compared to that last atrocious top she was wearing. Thank. God. She took that thing off. Piper strolls into the parlor and shrieks. Not to worry, though -- it's just the Feebs and Raige lounging around the house, giving each other mud masks and painting each other's fingernails. The Weekly Summation follows, during which we discover that Raige is learning to pamper herself, Darryl received his promotion, and Piper has reached the following conclusion regarding her prosthetic device: "If you've got it, flaunt it." Piper then hikes up her shirt and displays said prosthetic device, which looks like a fiberglass birdbath glued to her midriff with a couple of layers of acrylic paint. Phoebe says something stupid and Raige squeals with delight as Piper strikes a heavily-pregnant pose and we fade to black.

Next up: Two Phoebes. Because God knows we needed another one.

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