Y Tu Mummy También

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Y Tu Mammaries También

The Marina. Or a reasonable facsimile thereof. Detective Darryl tools on over to an abandoned shipping container and hops out of his car to find the Dolt grinning like a fool. "What are you doing here?" Darryl demands. Darryl received an anonymous tip that (Hewitt) was in the area, and the Dolt best be making himself scarce. The Dolt admits that he, the Dolt, was the anonymous tipster. Darryl makes irritated, angst-ridden noises until the Dolt glamours himself into (Hewitt). Adrian Paul forever endears himself to me by capturing Brian Krause's native slackjawed demeanor with a few quick facial twitches and a wimpy little shrug of his shoulders. Can you believe it? Mr. (Hewitt) actually researched the role once he was offered the part. Shocking stuff for Charmed, I realize. I amuse myself for a few seconds imagining Adrian Paul shadowing Brian Krause on the set for an hour or so, mimicking Krause's doofy physical tics until he had them down cold. That must have pissed off Krause something fierce. Jackhole. Anyway, the Dolt(witt) begs Darryl to arrest him. They had Krause overdub the dialogue, incidentally, so (Hewitt) appears to speak fluent Dolt. Darryl, outraged, refuses to snap the cuffs on the guy. The Dolt(witt) rolls his wimpy shoulders around for a bit and slugs Darryl in the jaw just as a squad car pulls up onto the dock. Darryl muscles the Dolt(witt) up against the shipping container and arrests him, eliciting a round of impressed congratulations from the officers who've arrived on the scene. The Dolt(witt) tosses off another amusing Krausian grimace as the uniforms shove him into the back of the prowler. Darryl shakes his head all, "Oh, shit."

Manor. Up in the attic, Piper's tapping into the percolating infant's powers to attempt a super-scry for the Feebs. The crystal swings in ever-widening circles before flying out of Piper's hand across the room. It embeds itself in a spinning globe in the corner, and thus do the Manor Ps discover the errant P in Egypt. Raige wisely supposes that (Hewitt) has set a trap for them. "Who cares?" Piper blithely replies. "I'm unbreakable." Piper links arms with Raige and bats at Raige's hand, ordering her to "orb faster." Raige tosses her head around before orbing on out of there with Piper.

(Hewitt)'s Crypt. Raige and Piper orb in and immediately cross to Bring Me The Head Of John The Baptist Barbie's side. Decapitation Barbie weakly bleats their names, leading Piper and Raige to assume that the Feebs maintains some degree of control over her body. They've assumed incorrectly, of course, which is confirmed when Cole brightly announces from the far corner of the room, "See! I told you they'd come!" Piper gapes and prepares to engage her Hands Of Discontent, but Cole flaps his arm around, and Piper vanishes into a wormhole in the floor. Raige attempts to orb away, but (Hewitt) has reactivated the charms protecting the crypt. Raige's cloud of orbs bounces around before Cole smacks it with some of his telekinesis. Raige rematerializes in an unconscious heap. "Very nice," (Hewitt) smooths.

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