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No Nunchucks for Chuck

Buy More. Agent Superman's presenting Chuck with "some basic spycraft." He pulls a pen out of his pocket and asks Chuck if he's ever used one of these. Chuck obviouses, "A pen? Yeah." But Agent Superman says it's a KGB tranq pen, and he wants Chuck to try it out on Jeff. Chuck doesn't want to, but Agent Superman assures him he's looked through everyone's file and Jeff Barnes will be just fine. So Chuck -- whose hair is driving me nuts this season; what's with all the fuzzy? Do they want him to look bad next to Agent Superman? - approaches Jeff and asks if everything's okay, and Jeff is confused by the question, since Chuck never checks up on him. Chuck drops some tranquilizer out of the pen end into Jeff's coffee as he tells him he's just making sure he's feeling okay, just some "friendly human to human... oid interaction." Jeff seems satisfied with that response, and Agent Superman seems satisfied that Chuck managed to use the tranq pen successfully. Chuck asks him what's next, and Agent Superman says he's ready. Chuck: "I'm ready after 20 seconds?" Agent Superman says it's actually two years, and Chuck's been on more missions than most spies in a lifetime. They leave and just miss seeing Morgan come up to drink Jeff's coffee, since he knows that will be laxative-free. He starts to say you've got to get up pretty early to trick ol' Morgan, but passes out before he gets to his name. It's as funny as any pratfall.

Castle. Casey and Sarah are like nervous parents sending their child off to college. It's adorable and annoying. Casey inspects Chuck's luggage and finds nunchucks. He wants to know what they are, and Casey says they know he doesn't like to carry guns (plus... it's a commercial flight), but he'd like an offensive weapon, and nunchucks are in the Intersect. Sarah pulls Chuck aside and tells him he's not ready yet, and Chuck says she wasn't supposed to see the nunchucks but he is ready and wants to prove himself to Agent Superman. She pleads with him not to go now; he needs more time. Chuck looks like she's convincing him, but Agent Superman breaks in to say that he's going, and General Redhead agrees. He gives Chuck his phone back and says he'll be able to call and text from the plane. Then he gives Chuck his plane ticket, and Chuck gets overly excited that it's first class. He leaves with an, "I'll see you later. I hope."

Chuck boards into the most amazing first class that's ever existed, with an actual bar where food and drinks are being mixed (and served). After a little confusion when his flight attendant offers to take his jacket, Chuck finds his seat next to Kristin Kreuk (looking much more adorable with a fun, short 'do than she ever did on Smallville, with her long tresses of perfection and love). They flirt awkwardly about his pen and then have equally awkward introductions. Her name's Hannah. When the flight attendant offers drinks, Chuck tries to say no since he's on business, until Hannah says she is too, but she'll have one. So he'll have one, too. They guess at who their fellow passengers are: dignitaries and Yale fencing team included. Hannah asks what Chuck does, and he says "retail: high-end merchandise at a prestigious store."

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