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No Nunchucks for Chuck

Speaking of, back in first class, Chuck's approaching Hugo's seat. He tells him the woman he's sitting next to is a bit of a nuisance who will not shut up, so can he can sit next to Hugo? Surprisingly, Hugo lets him. As soon as Chuck sits next to him, he keeps dissing Hannah. Hugo, clearly annoyed, puts his headphones in and lays his head back. Chuck puts up some sort of divider thing between him and the aisle and peers over it at Hannah. Then he pretends to do the crossword so he can pull out the tranq pen, but it doesn't work. Hugo sees him clicking it and says it's the air pressure. He offers to help, and Chuck ends up squirting him in the face with it. When Hugo realizes it's not ink, he chokes Chuck, who says, "Sir, this is first class," but then squirts Hugo in the mouth with the tranq ink while he's asking Chuck who he is. It does the trick, so Chuck kisses the KGB pen, then grabs Hugo's claim ticket.

Buy More. Casey calls Sarah to ask if there are any updates on Chuck. She lies that everything's fine. Morgan comes over to Casey, who hangs up the phone, and tells him he needs a favor. Casey's not interested. Morgan hates to pull rank, but he is Casey's superior. Instead of growling or responding that Morgan's most definitely not his superior, Casey asks what Morgan wants. Morgan pleads him to help with Mute Lester and his gang, because they're not following any rules anymore. Casey: "Insurgents? I hate insurgents." Morgan thinks this will work out then.

Airplane. Chuck finds a magic elevator to the cargo hold (like first class bars, those don't exist, right?) and is on his phone with Castle when he gets there. He tells them it's friggin' freezing in here, and Agent Superman tells him good job, find the matching ticket, find the key, and get back to his seat. They hang up, and Agent Superman tells Sarah he's right about Sarah and Chuck and wants to know about Lisbon. He says he was right about this mission, and he's right about Sarah. She reminds him Chuck isn't home free yet, which is a perfect opportunity to cut to Hugo, who has a device on his wrist that kicks into action when his blood pressure drops below a certain level, waking him up. And he looks mad, especially when he notices his missing claim ticket. Chuck finds the matching ticket, but it's on a casket. He calls to tell Agent Superman, who thinks the Ring was smart to know Customs wouldn't check the body. He tells Chuck to open it and find the key. Chuck: "That's kinda disgusting." Agent Superman tells him to get it done, and hangs up. Chuck opens the casket and tells the body he's sorry about this, then find the key on one of the palms, and peels it off. Chuck hears Hugo come in, and hides next to the casket and tries to call Castle, but Agent Superman won't answer, since all he has to do is find the key. Sarah wonders what if Chuck's in trouble, and Agent Superman tells her to go ahead and answer, but if she does, he'll never a real spy, which will get him killed. Chuck gives up on calling and crawls inside the casket with the body, whispering, "Sorry, old man." Once inside, it's "Don't freak out!" Commercials.

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