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No Nunchucks for Chuck

From inside the casket, Chuck calls Casey, who's a little confused about the mission being on the plane, but then tells Chuck that his only solution, since he picked the dumbest place to hide and is going to get caught, is to "act like your little girlish self" and scream like a banshee so Hugo doesn't think he's a threat. Then find a weapon and flash. Chuck wonders what if he doesn't flash, and Casey says then he's dead, so flash. Hugo pulls the lid off the casket and Chuck screams like a girl. Casey calls Sarah and tells her the Ring operative has Chuck. Agent Superman opens a line to Chuck's phone. Meanwhile, Chuck tells Hugo he certainly hopes that's not his father in the casket. Hugo tells him about the watch he was wearing, since his employer demands a certain heart rate on the job. He tells Chuck he has a little present for him and digs for a weapon. But Chuck finds the Yale athletics bag and learns he was right about the fencing team. So he gets his own weapon, and flashes on fencing. He starts actually fencing, with the "en garde" and "pointe" and all, with Hugo and his massive knife. Chuck wins, by knocking the knife out of Hugo's hand and then knocking all the luggage onto him. Chuck tells Agent Superman and Sarah he's alive and his first solo mission was a success as he finds something to tie Hugo up with.

Buy More. Morgan has the employees gathered, and tells them Casey's his new "lieutenant assistant manager" (I bet Casey chose the word "lieutenant"), so life's not going to be pleasant for them unless they'll abandon the plot to sabotage Morgan. Casey just stands there looking evil, so almost everyone leaves. Casey pulls out a cigar as Jeff tells him this is a no-smoking store. Morgan says he can smoke it if he wants, or he can put it out. Casey puts the cigar out on his hand, and Morgan asks if anyone else wants to leave. Everyone remaining does, except Jeffster! (although Jeff looks at Lester to see, since Jeff clearly wants to). Morgan asks if they have anything to say, and Jeff says, "Lester says this isn't over." They get up and leave.

At the first class bar, Chuck's regaling Hannah (who lives with the Eiffel Tower in her view) with a story about the engineering feat that is the Eiffel Tower, with a tiny Eiffel Tower statue. He realizes he's being boring, but she says it was an amazing story, and she loves his model. He says that's from his dad. Hannah asks if she can ask him a personal question, and he says sure. She asks if he's ever been to Paris. He laughs all, "Of course." Then admits he hasn't. She says he talked about it with such wonder, and no one in first class ever wants to do anything that badly, so he sort of stands out. He says he just wanted to fit in, and she wonders why. She asks what his secret is, and he admits he works at the Buy More in L.A. and is flying on a customer's ticket, because he liked his L.A. install so much he wanted him to do the same thing in his home in Paris. Chuck says he doesn't belong in first class, and she says that's not true. She asks if Chuck wants to know her secret. He asks if it's scary, and they both laugh. But it's just that she just got fired from her job, so she's officially flying to Paris to empty out her office. He says he's sorry, and she says it's okay; meeting him almost makes it worth it.

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