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No Nunchucks for Chuck

Chuck's plane lands in Paris, and Hannah asks how he's feeling. He says he's okay and apologizes for the "air sickness" episode, which wasn't his finest hour. She says it's okay, then tells him she'll be here for a few days clearing things out, and would love to show off the Eiffel Tower to him. He thinks that would be amazing. Then his phone rings, and it's Agent Superman, telling him the Paris station is taking custody of the Ring operatives, so good work to Chuck. Oh, and another thing: Stay on the plane, since they need the key back in Burbank ASAP. Chuck looks at Hannah and says, "Really? I can't?" Agent Superman says the mission's over; it's time to come home. He hangs up and tells Hannah the install here in Paris has been canceled, so Buy More needs him back immediately. Hannah asks what about Paris, and he tells her it's no big deal; he'll get back here eventually. Then he tells her if she ever finds herself in Burbank without a job, his assistant manager owes him a million and a half favors. He says she'll be terribly overqualified for the job, then he gives her his Nerd Herd business card. She smiles and says it was great to meet him. As his plane leaves, he looks at the Eiffel Tower out the window.

Buy More backroom. Jeff asks a spaced-out Lester what they're going to about Morgan and his new goon. Lester asks, "Morgan?" And Jeff says yeah, how will they get back at them. Lester says, "Morgan Grimes is the kindest, warmest, most understanding human being I've ever known in my life." Morgan and Casey are watching through a window and Morgan asks how Casey did that. Casey tells him not to ask: "Plausible deniability." Morgan: "Plausible deniability? Yeah, of course." Castle. Agent Superman thanks Chuck, who says he'd be dead if it weren't for them. Agent Superman says it's time to see if the key works, and pulls out the "weapon" they got from Carina's fake fiance. Casey asks if it's a weapon, but Agent Superman says it's a lockbox from a dead spy, containing all the intel the agent had. He inserts the crypto key, and pulls out a bunch of discs. [If the lockbox was in California, and had been captured by the good guys, why was the key going to Paris? Why not destroy it, or launch a mission to get the box back? - Z] He gives them to Casey and Sarah and says that now they might stand a chance, and one of their best didn't die in vain. He picks up a little envelope from the lockbox and takes it to the next room. Sarah follows him and asks what's in the envelope. He gives it to her, and she finds a woman's wedding ring. She looks at him, and he says, "She was killed by a Ring agent five years ago. Her name was Evelyn Shaw. Eve." He tells Sarah they both made the same mistakes: falling in love with spies. She sets down the ring and leaves.

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