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Desolation. Frostbite. Must be Russia.

At the car lot, Chuck re-explains to Morgan that the menu could be the link to his mom. They plan to take it quickly and quietly, but Harry Dean shoots at them. He tells "you young, underworked, oversexed kids! You don't mess with the repo man!" They agree, and don't want to mess with him; they just want their menu. But Harry Dean would like some dumplings, too. He asks for the menu, but Chuck and Morgan run, like they apparently did back in Tangiers. Harry Dean yells, "Damn you!" after them. Then pouts, "I love dumplings." Back in the lair under Bakula's pad, Morgan points out there are some words he's never seen on a Chinese menu before, like Shamira chicken. When Morgan says "Shamira," Chuck flashes and finds out this is a menu for weapons, not food. Chuck calls the number on the menu and says he's Carmichael, head of security for "the new ring." The caller tells him to come to Moscow. Chuck tells Morgan, who sadly says he'll have to sell his Millennium Falcon.

Sarah and Casey are headed toward their mission in a private jet. Sarah tries small-talk, asking if Casey's ever been in a long-distance relationship. Casey: "No. I either leave or they die." Then he uses the restroom. While he's there, Sarah takes all sorts of photos of herself to sext to Chuck, which makes it a little awkward when Casey comes back. They hit some turbulence, in the form of Dolph, who tells the flight attendant to release the gas and reroute the flight to Moscow. He puts on a gas mask as they release something into the plane.

Casey and Sarah wake up in a warehouse somewhere, tied back to back in chairs. Sarah asks where they are, and Casey says, "Desolation. Frostbite. It must be Russia." Dolph and his henchmen come in and tell them to relax and think about all of the terrible things Dolph will do to them. Casey says his methods won't work on them, but Dolph says he works for Volkoff, and "I must break you." Chuck and Morgan enter what seems to be the same building (where they plan to access the Volkoff computer system to see what they have on his mom). Chuck introduces them as being with the Ring, and Morgan introduces them as Charles and Michael Carmichael. The lady leaves, and they bicker about how Morgan went off the plan, and introduced himself as Chuck's brother; and what kind of name is Michael Carmichael, anyway?

One of Dolph's guys finds one of the smutty photos of Sarah and marvels at it; she uses the opportunity to kick him and get her phone. Looking at a floor plan of the building, Chuck flashes on it as an old Soviet base and knows exactly where to go. Rather than fight, they decide to just run really fast (once again, like they did in Tangiers). They run into a room with a bunch of buttons and a couple old computers, where they regroup and Chuck tries to access the computers. Morgan finds an EMP, and Chuck asks him not to touch it. Sarah manages to use her phone with her toe and sends a "NEED U" with a sexy photo of her face to Chuck. Morgan sees it and tells Chuck, "It's Sarah. She's sexting you." Chuck's too busy, but Morgan takse it upon himself to tell Sarah to "SHOW ME MORE." Casey asks Sarah what Chuck said, and she's like, "He thinks we're sexting." Casey: "What? What does that even mean?" She sends him "SOS," which Morgan thinks is "Skin on skin," so he says, "yes, please." She says, "Come on," and Morgan replies, "Filthy." Sarah's exasperated -- and who wouldn't be? -- and Chuck finally bypasses security and gets into the computer system. He finds something in the computer about Frost Queen, which were the stories his mom told him as a kid. He hooks up his phone to download the info on his mom that he can't read right now, but Morgan just then realizes Sarah's in this building, with Casey, and they need help. Morgan wonders if they should call General Redhead, but Chuck says they'll be saving them, thankyouverymuch.

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