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Desolation. Frostbite. Must be Russia.

Back in the Bakula lair, Chuck finishes up his story for Sarah and Casey. Casey's peeved Chuck didn't ask them for help, and Chuck says he's sorry and asks if they'll help. Of course they will, but Sarah tells him this means he'll have to rejoin the agency and become a spy. Chuck knows, but wonders if they should tell General Redhead about his mom. Sarah says not yet, but wonders what about Ellie. Chuck says he has to tell her the truth, that he's a spy. He heads to the apartments to do that, and she sees him and asks if the interviews went well. He says not really, but there's something he has to do. She already knows; she saw the new Buy More. He tells her he did get a job there, but she tells him it's okay, since jobs are really hard to come by these days. Then she says it's her turn and sits him down. She tells him she's pregnant. He gets excited, and she says she was going to wait to tell Devon when he got home, but she couldn't wait. Chuck hugs her, and she says she's so happy to be starting a new family and that he's with Sarah and he's safe.

Cut back to Chuck telling Sarah he couldn't tell Ellie right now, since she didn't want him to be a spy. But his dad started this mission, so he can't not do this. Sarah says he's being a brother, not a spy. She pulls out a paper she found on his mom in the "deep database." It's an old passport photo or something, that shows him his mom -- "Code Name: Frost" -- was captured. Sarah says she couldn't find anything after that, and Chuck says this whole time he and Ellie thought she left because she didn't care about them, but she was actually taken. He's not going to tell Ellie yet, because he's going to find his mom, if she's still alive, and bring her home.

We're in a room with Dolph and his henchmen, surrounding Linda Hamilton. She asks why he brought her here, and Dolph says they found out some interesting information about her: Someone is looking for her. She asks who, and he says, "Your family." She asks if he's told Volkoff anything, and Dolph says he's told him nothing. She says that's very, very good. Then she jumps up, knocks out the henchmen with kicks to the face and her chair, then shoots them all up. Dolph's still alive when she stands over him with the gun. He pleads: "Please, I have a family." Linda Hamilton: "So do I." She shoots him. Okay, so parts of the episode were lame (the sexting, for instance) and silly, but that ending made it all worth it. We're off to a solid start, at least, which is more than I could say about last season.

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