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Relationship Troubles

Back in Burbank, Chuck finds Ellie in the courtyard, back from the babymoon. She says it was beautiful, but she's been thinking about Chuck a lot. She tells him how alive he seemed back in Costa Gravas with his spy stuff. She says she didn't realize how much he was giving up for her, and she knows it must have been difficult. She's so glad they have a life now that they can talk about, with no secrets, especially with the baby and him being the only family on her side. He butts in that he's looking for mom. Ellie stops, gets very serious and asks why. He says they should know the whole truth about why she left, but Ellie thinks there's no story that can explain why she left her family. Chuck doesn't know, but he wonders if she had to go because of some reason beyond her control. Ellie says she doesn't know, but wonders what if there isn't another side to the story. What if their mom is exactly who they think she is? Chuck says they'll find that out, then.

Later, Chuck and Sarah are in bed. Chuck's asleep, but Sarah's restless. She asks if he's awake, and then if he can hear her. No response. So she tells him she loves him, and nothing's ever going to change that. "And if you ask me for real, then my answer would be yes." She smiles and then the camera moves over to Chuck, who just barely smiles so we know he's awake.

Next week: Chuck finds someone who might be the key to settling his mom. He tells someone he has to kill them. Then Casey's in a coffin, in full military regalia. Eric Roberts is among the guest stars. One of them tells Chuck that Frost isn't a prisoner; she's their boss. Chuck's starting to think his mom might be one of the bad guys. And then, in two weeks, Sarah and Mrs. Bartowski end up face to face, and gun to gun.

Watch the episode below, then discuss it in our forum. Then see some of our favorite Chuck guest-stars.

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