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There's a Ring to It
ot very agitated. Then Stone Cold starts opening cell doors, but Casey works on the other end to stop what he's doing. The new Castle mainframe starts talking to Casey, but can't understand anything he says. She thinks "fire emergency override" is "hire nursery overhige." Casey points out that's not a real word. She keeps apologizing as Casey gets in and opens a secret stairway for them just as Stone Cold gets there and shoots up the cell.

Spy More. Jeffster! says they're screwed, but Morgan says they're going to be fine, because he'll get the games. He gives Jeffster! a script to read to the plebes from, and Lester speaks British: "You don't just drop a role in a man's lap and say, 'Go seal, clap for your fish.' I must make this my own. If I am to undertake it." Morgan whatevers him and then pep-talks himself as he walks away. Lester picks apart the script. Cameras take us through the secret hatches down to where Chuck, Sarah, and Nicole are crawling around. He talks about air ducts in movies, and Nicole calls him "Movie Dork," and bets he has a Tron poster in his room. Casey's finally in Castle as the bickering threesome makes their way through the ducts. Sarah radios their placement to Casey, who unlocks a spot for them to get out. Nicole and Chuck argue some more, and she tells him she gets the sweet guy thing; she did it, too. Sarah kicks her in the face and says her foot slipped. Nicole thinks she must be hitting home.

As the videogame countdown ends, the crowd goes inside and mills about excitedly. Morgan tells Jeffster! they're almost out of the woods, and asks them to hold these people off. Then Morgan's phone rings and he finds out he's only going to get two more games. Big Mikes tries to advise him: The sheep need a shepherd. Morgan nervously agrees and runs away. Back in the land of storylines that matter, Sara, Nicole, and Chuck get out of the air ducts, but are in a locked room, where Nicole can talk a little better. She tells Chuck she got hitched to a dork jut like Chuck, which she thought was attractive at the time. But then her true nature kicked in, which she says is why Sarah's so upset: They're the same. Sarah won't dignify it, and Chuck says they're professionals, so they're not listening. Nicole tells Chuck to remember that Sarah keeps secrets for a living. She says Sarah's upset, but Chuck says he would know. Sarah helps open the door for Casey, but it's Stone Cold. He comes in and fights with Sarah. Chuck ends up hanging down a duct, with Stone Cold grasping him so he doesn't fall. Sarah beats the crap out of Nicole Richie a bunch and Chuck flashes so he can punch Stone Cold while they hang there. Grunt. Ugh. Groan. Fight. Kicks. Kung-fu. Kicks. Stone Cold falls, Sarah knocks Nicole out, and then helps Chuck.

Spy More. Jeffster! decides to turn the event into a slam poetry event instead of reading the trash Morgan supplied. The crowd just wants to buy the dumb game, but instead Jeffster! starts playing a tambourine. Back in the ducts, Sarah and Chuckles talk like idiots, so Stone Cold hears every word and heads toward the voices. He sees them, but just then Casey finds Stone Cold and pulls a gun. He calls a roof transport in two minutes. On the roof, the helicopter is landing as Sarah gives Nicole one last chance to deal. Nicole still says no, making me wonder why Sarah doesn't try toe wedging or something. I mean, it's Nicole Richie: I'm sure the rules of the U.S. government can be bent where she's concerned. Nicole tells Chuck good luck; she's rooting for him, but not betting on him. Sarah tries to have a heart to heart with Chuck, and she promises a chat once these prisoners are gone. Bad news, then: The helicopter's Volkoff, not CIA.

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