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Ellie's at Charah's apartment helping Sarah pick out flowers. Or, more accurately, she's proposing options (roses and orchids), neither of which Sarah cares about. Ellie tells Sarah that this girly stuff might be outside her comfort zone, and that this overwhelming, but for Ellie there was a moment -- when she picked up her wedding bands -- that she broke down crying, and it all became real and magical to her. She promises Sarah that she'll have a moment like that, too, but Sarah is skeptical. As we all are.

Buy More. Chuck and Morgan are standing in front of the TVs when Morgan says he's going no TV in his new place. Chuck looks at him like he just declared his allegiance to Jeffster! or something, until Morgan says he was totally joking. Chuck asks how the apartment-hunting is going, anyway, and Morgan says it's totally great; he's found a place, but needs a roommate, so he's cool staying with his mom for now. Chuck's so happy Morgan's doing so well, and so he leaves him alone. Which is when we see from Morgan's face that it's not going so well at all. And then Big Mike comes up and they have a very uncomfortable (even for me) conversation about how much and how loud Big Mike and Morgan's mom have sex. In other words: He is so not okay living at his mom's place, even temporarily.

Castle. Vivian's filling Chuck and Sarah in on what happened at Volkoff Industries, including Riley wanting her to rebuild the empire. She throws the clear card down on the table, and Chuck flashes. Vivian looks confused, but Chuck just tells Sarah they need to talk to General Redhead. They've apparently stashed Vivian somewhere while they Skype with General Redhead. Turns out the card's from First Bank of Macau, where they assume Volkoff has all of his money. They need to freeze his funds, but this bank is no easy target, since it's guarded by a mercenary crime syndicate. General Redhead says they've lost agents in the bank before, but this time they have Vivian, an account holder. She'll be able to get them in and get them access to his accounts. She's the perfect "asset." Chuck's not so sure she'll want to do this, since she wants nothing to do with her father. But General Redhead says it's Chuck's job to turn that girl into a Volkoff. The asset has become the assee. Or something.

Cake opening. As much as I love this intro, Chuck looks too young and fluffy-haired. It may be time for an updated Buy More badge, at least.

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