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Morgan's office at the Buy More. He's trying to post a Craigslist ad to find a roommate, but can't decide where to put his beard in the ad. I wish I were making this up. Jeffster! interrupts, hoping that Morgan will settle their fight: Where is the best place to meet ladies? Renaissance Faire or methadone clinic. Morgan says Ren Faire, but won't give them two weeks off to go to one (which is unrealistic, since most people would give anything for two Jeffster!-free weeks). They offer him a room in their "apartment-slash-van," which he turns down and then is called away over the intercom. He stupidly leaves Jeffster! in his office, where Lester decides to modify the ad. He says, "If Morgan won't let us go to the Renaissance Faire, we'll bring the Renaissance Faire to us." Jeff: "I have no idea what you're doing right now."

Castle. Vivian's in the middle of turning down Chuck's request to help them break into her father's bank. She's had too many close calls lately, and isn't reassured by Chuck saying they'll be there to protect her. She says she hasn't spent more than five minutes with her father, and has had enough. Chuck says he understands and, when she doubts that, explains that his father left when he was thirteen. She's suddenly listening, sympathetic even. Chuck says he knows she's wondering why her dad left and why he didn't try to contact her. He says he got to ask his dad those questions finally, and he learned that even though his dad wasn't around, he didn't stop thinking about Chuck. He guarantees that if she'll help them, they can help her find at least some of the answers she's looking for. She looks at him hopefully.

Which is when we cut to the next scene, where Chuck's showing her a crazy hologram makeover station, where he can change her outfit using a hologram and then call up said outfit from wherever the never-ending closet is under Castle. They outfit her much more professionally, so she takes the real outfit to go try it on. Which gives Chuck the chance to show Sarah the formal suit he's hologrammed himself into. For their wedding. Sarah gets nervous and says he'll look very handsome. He asks what's going on with her, and she says it's not really her thing so she feels like she's letting "you guys" (Ellie and Chuck, I guess?) down. He says she's not. Then Casey zooms by and they notice him. So they track him into the hall. He's vague about what he's up to, and will only tell them General Redhead has him working on a mission of his own that he can't talk about. He tells them to be careful at First Bank of Macau.

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