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On the phone, Ellie tells Sarah she's been going about this wedding planning all wrong, because you don't build the wedding around the cake or the flowers; what do you build it around? Sarah, stumped: "The weather?" Ellie tells her it's the dress, and even though she knows Sarah's not a typical wedding girl, it might help. Sarah says it could be fun -- we all know she loves to play dress-up -- and promises to do some research right now. Which brings us back to the hologram makeover machine. She uses it to pull a bunch of actual dresses out and try them on in front of big, dressing-room-style, two-way mirror. She tries on a bunch of big, poofy fancy dresses. They're pretty, but so not Sarah. Then she finds a simple slip dress, and gets all excited and teary. Which is when Casey walks in and tells her it's a pretty dress. She says she knows, without even a hint of embarrassment at her tears. He brings her back to reality, though, by pointing out the bloody bullet holes on the back of this one. He says she might want to get a new one; it looks like this one's been on a mission.

Buy More. Morgan finds Jeffster! and tells them he knows they messed with his ad and now they owe him. He wants a place to stay just for tonight, and they said they had room. Lester says the vacancy's been filled, by the Ren Faire guy who thinks he's a king. Jeffster! thinks living with a king is going to score them some serious "Ren-tang."

Castle. General Redhead's head on TV is filling Chuck and Sarah in on the stolen servers, which the bank is using to launder money for criminals, terrorists and rogue nations. Which is why, she says, they still need Vivian. As an account holder, she can enter the bank and manually upload a digital tag to their network. She asks Chuck if he can get her to do that. Chuck thinks she will, if she can have a meeting with her father. General Redhead's skeptical, but then says she'll set it up. One last bit of news about the mission: Chuck and Sarah will have to rob the bank to create a diversion so Vivian can do her thing -- download the information off the servers -- while she's in the vault.

Buy More at night. Morgan's setting up a bed in the screening room, complete with his Star Wars bedding, natch. He tries to go to sleep, but hears drilling and hammering. Then a couple guys come in and take the secret elevator into Castle, talking about how they're installing a TR-476 here -- the only other one's in Langley. But it's above their clearance so they won't ask questions. Morgan's curiosity's sufficiently piqued, so he heads down to Castle and finds the secret room. Lots of construction going on inside, and he sees Casey supervising it all. He tries to sneak around without Casey seeing him, but Casey does, of course. He asks Morgan what he's doing here, and what he saw. Morgan pretends he has terrible eyesight and saw nothing. He'll just go sleep under his Buy More desk, he guesses. What a sad sack.

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