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After commercials -- including one that says The Event returns at 8 p.m. next Monday, which sounds like there's no Chuck; but, hey, at least this show finally stayed on through sweeps, right? -- General Redhead thanks them for successfully getting the information to lead them to terrorist organizations around the globe. She almost shuts off, but Chuck asks what about Vivian getting to see her father. General Redhead says that, after more thought, she's decided the risk is too great. Chuck wonders what he's supposed to do, since he promised her she'd get to see him. General Redhead says he told his asset what she needed to hear, so well done. She shuts off her TV, and Sarah asks Chuck if he needs her help telling Vivian. He says no; Vivian trusted him, so he'll do it. He breaks the news that "they" decided not to let her see him, even saying "they" went back on their word. She says she thought Chuck was the CIA, and he says he is, but it's complicated. He promises he's not giving up and will find a way for her to see her dad, but it might take awhile. He asks if she's okay, and she says she is, and thanks him (sarcastically, it seems) for being honest with her.

In the courtyard at their apartments, Sarah's fast-talking to Ellie about all of the stuff she now wants for her wedding: a hundred dozen Casablanca lilies, and a cake flown in from Paris. Ellie says that sounds really expensive, especially after that dress she picked. Sarah says she only gets married once, right, and it will make Chuck really happy. She says she should look into booking a private island for the ceremony. She heads inside, giddy with happiness, and Chuck walks up and asks Ellie what's up with that. Ellie thinks she created a monster, and Chuck reminds her he works at the Buy More (but also the CIA, which presumably has a better salary), and all that stuff sounds kinda pricey. Ellie suggests he pick up a few extra shifts. Or rob a bank. He chuckles.

Buy More. Morgan calls Casey "Case Logic," totally confusing and annoying him at once. Morgan apologizes again to Casey for sneaking around, but asks what was going on down in Castle. Casey tries to leave the conversation, but Morgan follows and asks Casey about the weird, mysterious door he saw Casey walking out of. And then he says he's sure Casey's right, and it's nothing. There has to be a reason he'd have a TR-476 in some weird, strange room. Morgan's just tired and needs a place to stay. Casey asks Grimes if he's leveraging him to stay in his apartment. Morgan plays dumb, but asks if it's working. Casey says okay, he can stay there, as long as he doesn't tell anyone, especially Chuck. Morgan gets excited about it, but Casey tells him not to; he's just keeping him close so he doesn't tell anyone. Because, if he does, Casey knows where he lives. This should make for some great Odd Couple moments. Plus, if Casey's no longer going on all the missions, it will keep him on the show (I hope).

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