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Farmer Franco's Prize Cow Daisy

Heading into Ellie's house they're like, "Soooo we just brought a psychotic killer back to our pregnant sister's house, on the one hand. On the other hand, turns out Harvey Dent over here is smiley-face right now, so let's just remind him that Ellie and Awesome are civilians and shouldn't have to be involved in our whole spy v. spy thing." Alexei's like, "Totes McGoats, let's have some Latesgiving!"

In all the excitement you sort of miss out on the moment of Ellie and Awesome welcoming Mom into their house. I mean, it's there, but I was all pre-crying and then it was just like, "Hey, want some Chardonnay?" And then -- Stepfather-type threats from Alexei about how dinner better go fucking perfect or he's going to kill everybody -- we fast-forward to later. Which is a dooze. Short conversation about how Ellie wants to know about Frost's history since she disappeared, and he tells a shorthand lie that is also essentially the truth: "In our business, sometimes good people get confused for bad, and the bad for good. But fortunately, being your mother's handler, I was able to help convince the CIA that she is good. And that's why your mother is free to go now."

Then paranoia and one of those situations where the stylistics are so intense and emphatic that I'm assuming it's a reference to something I don't get, which makes it even weirder probably than I'm thinking: The camera's all wobba-wob and the sound effects are all ohemgee and the faces everybody's making are like he's about to start sending people into the cornfield. Alexei's acting out Lawrence Of Arabia (but, thanksgivingfully, without the "Alexei's first sexual experience" part) in slow-motion charades while a heavily synthesized "Hall Of The Mountain King" plays and everybody looks crazy at everybody else. Forever.

While Morgan contemplates spy life in the absence of Chuck and Sarah, coming up with little-to-nil, Chuck sidles up to Awesome who, predictably, is sort of in love with Alexei. "First guy I've met who's free-climbed K2, no oxygen. Hardcore, bro!" Chuck sadly must explain also that he is an international arms dealer and superkiller and that they are all in total danger. Devon is, as usual, sad about how nothing pure exists, and the whole time they're throwing out fake charades guesses -- pissing off Alexei in a funny abusive-stepfather sort of mode -- and eventually Chuck sends Awesome to get "sugar" from his apartment, which is actually guns and a CIA notification device.

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