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Chuck hangs with Sarah at the fountain and admits he maybe should have tried being reasonable with Frost instead of being so pissy, and they talk about how she's never coming back until Volkoff's neutralized, and Sarah's like, "Literally she is the only thing keeping us safe right now." Which is a nice thought, isn't it? Like Alexei became momentary Bad Dad in this episode, and instead of being Hamlet's mom, Frost turned out to be the Dark Knight. You know? "I'm just going to keep on being a bad guy, again, so you can live to be a good guy. For the twentieth year in a row." That Frost was the Leftovers all along. But just when you're feeling warm about that, up comes Devon with the saddest hurtest face.

"Not only are you spying again, but you bring it back to our apartment? I had to lie to Ellie about the hospital, and I hate lying." He doesn't even listen to Chuck's explanation -- which I would imagine once you've heard one Agent Frost story you're like, "Nope, don't care, makes my head hurt, she's good she's bad, come with me if you wanna live, I will just assume it worked out in the end" -- and tells him to stop fucking up and bringing spy things around Ellie and their Awesome baby. For real this time. And also, can I remind you that Ellie doesn't want spy stuff around Chuck either, which is sort of her role at this point but still makes basic sense, and then Devon hands him the Roark 7. Like I guess Ellie won't notice that it's gone.

The second Devon mentions brainscans, everybody lights up from the inside, and with Awesome still trying to make it clear that if Chuck doesn't get back the division of church and state that once characterized this show, he is going to make that unacceptably heartwrenching angry-sad face forever, Chuck has snagged the laptop and run with it to Castle. Where he solves the last clue -- "Aces, Chuck." -- and then flashes and finally Agent Charles Carmichael knows Kung Fu. Again.

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