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Chuck Versus the Cheese Puffs
n she did Chuck. Ha. I love that even when talking about love he makes a torture reference. Sarah says she was just doing her job, but Casey tells her the job's over and she should put Chuck out of his misery. "He deserves that much." Who would have thought he'd be the voice of reason?

In the Buy More parking lot, Buster's listening (and singing along) to by Wilson Phillips on his way out for the night, when he sees some guy lurking around. It's the courier/assassin, Javier. Buster gets out and asks if he can help the guy. Javier holds up the pocket protector and asks where he can find this man. Buster says he doesn't work here anymore, so his advice is to run out front and follow the smell. Then he tells Javier he can leave now. Javier just stares, so Buster says they can do this the easy way or the hard way. He has Mace, and he pops one out of its holder on his belt. He says, "Yeah. So you better get your brokeback boots off my property or I'm gonna send you crying back to your mommy's womb." The guy turns to leave, and Buster mutters, "Yeah. Pussy." Javier turns and shoots. See, Buster, this is what happens when you won't shut your mouth. We get a close-up of his bloody glasses as Wilson Phillips finishes singing.

Then we're inside with Chuck and Morgan, who seem to have packed up Morgan's stuff and are leaving. Morgan tells Chuck to say goodbye forever, and that they had some good years here. Chuck says he'd rather forget it all ever happened. Sarah cuts them off, and Morgan says he'll give them some time and will see Chuck back at his place. Sarah extends her hand and says she wanted to say a proper goodbye. They shake hands and Chuck says it's been a pleasure working with her. She agrees, "Agent Bartowski," but he says that's nice of her, but they both know he's not an agent. She sees a guy come up with a gun as he tries to talk to Sarah. She tries to stop him, but can't manage it before Javier knocks Chuck out from behind.

When chuck wakes up, he's in a dirty cell somewhere. Javier comes in, and Chuck calls him Javier. He says they got off on the wrong foot (literally), and his kicking him was completely unintentional. Javier wants to know who Chuck is, but Chuck says he's nobody and probably even has documentation somewhere that proves that. Javier takes his shirt off, and is very ripped, which Chuck comments on. Javier tells him to try again what he did outside the club. Javier hits Chuck a few times, and then tells Chuck he's going to tell him everything he knows: who he works for, and about the girl. Chuck passes out, and as he does so, he remembers Sarah telling him where to meet her at the train station. Then he's showing up there, where she's waiting. He's in black pants and long black coat, looking very much like the agent he'll never be but always was. Sarah has a passport and everything else for him. She tells him to trust her; it's all going to work out fine. He tries to stop her and tell her something. She kisses him, but stops when he doesn't really kiss back. She says it wasn't the kiss she was expecting. He tells her there's a whole facility here designed to turn him into Intersect 2.0, and that this is a life of adventure, blah, blah, blah, spycakes. She says it's not that simple, and he doesn't know who he's working for (huh?), that nothing is real. She holds his hand and says this is simple and a real life. She says they have to go, this is it, is he coming. He lets go of her hand, but tenderly touches it as he says he can't. He's sorry. He wakes up in his cell saying he's sorry.

Back at Castle, Casey asks some random guy if there's any sign of Walker. She was last seen at the Buy More, so he looks at the security cams. He sees Buster's feet, and orders the guy to get a chopper. The guy asks on whose authority, and Casey says, "Mine. The Colonel." Back in his cell, Chuck mutters that he's dead and starts to cry. Sarah talks to him from the next cell. She tells him to break out of his cell and come get her since she can't pick the lock. He wonders if they could reverse those rules, but she says he can do this, and has been trained to do this. He says she and Casey were right: He's a lemon, he doesn't work, his emotions mess everything up. She says no; she was mad and wrong. She says she's worked with the best spies in the world, and you know what? He replies cutely, "They're on their way here to save us." She tells him to flash, that he knows what to do. Then his door's opening, and Sarah adds, "Chuck. Don't freak out." Which is also nice, show. Javier comes in and tells Chuck when he's done with him, he's going to deal with Sarah. Chuck flashes and then kung-fus Javier. Sarah asks what happened from the next room, and Chuck says, "Something ... awesome." He picks up his keys, and some sort of flashing computer thing next to him.

When he opens Sarah's door, she wants to go, but he wants to tell her that he knocked the guy out with one punch. She's like, "Let's talk and run." When they get outside, they're on a roof and sort of surrounded. She starts shooting, but is almost out of ammo. Chuck notices a handy zipline-type cord running from the roof they're on to the ground. Which, of course, finally causes him to flash. He removes his belt, and promises Sarah it will work. She stays she trusts him, and holds onto him as they zip down into what looks like a Mexican market. When they land, Chuck can't believe that worked, but Sarah isn't sure it did since they're surrounded by guys with guns. Chuck says there's something he needs to tell her, but she says not now. He thinks it might be his last chance. But then Casey comes in with his chopper, shooting what must be his fancy gun. He takes out Javier and his men, then beckons Sarah and Chuck into the chopper. And he never stops smiling and whooping about how great it all is.

Back at Castle, General Redhead explains that Javier Cruz was a vital operative of the Ring's Mexico syndicate. The device Chuck captured is a smart phone used by the Ring, and is the first one they've ever picked up. Chuck's all, "Hey! Good job, Team Bartowski." Sarah tells General Redhead that she and Casey are planning to depart for Lisbon tonight, since there's chatter that another Ring cell is operating there. General Redhead says that's not necessary, because she's putting Operation Bartowski back into the field. Chuck gets all excited about it, as General Redhead explains that they'll work together to take down the Ring. She turns herself off, and Chuck tells Casey and Sarah how excited he is to have the old gang back together again. He hopes his new cover will be something cool, like race car driver.

Cut to Casey and Chuck at the Buy More, where he thanks him for getting him his old job back. Casey says it was easy with Buster gone, and Chuck says he still can't believe Buster took a job at a Large Mart. I'm not sure why Casey would lie to him about that since Javier's dead anyway, but it probably doesn't matter. And Chuck thanks Casey for that other favor, the bearded one. Morgan walks in, then, and says, "We're baaaaack." He tries to high five Casey, who growls and leaves. Morgan tells Chuck that someone from corporate called and begged him to take his job back. Chuck feigns surprise.

In Castle, General Redhead tells Sarah that she needs her to help keep Chuck's emotions in check, because he's unstable. Sarah asks if she thinks he's dangerous, and she says he is, but it's worth the risk. She says they've protected Chuck from the world for two years, but now they have to protect the world from Chuck. When Morgan and Chuck arrive home, Ellie and Awesome are moving boxes out of the apartment. Chuck asks what's up, and Ellie says the apartment across the courtyard opened up, so they're moving there. Chuck looks sad, but Ellie says it's not about him; it's about them. They needed a place for two. She says he can get a roommate since he has plenty of friends. Morgan says he's so happy right now, and Ellie says, "Other friends." Ellie leaves, and Morga

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