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Chuck Versus the Cheese Puffs
n declares it a bachelor pad, then calls dibs on Ellie's room. He goes inside, leaving Chuck alone in the courtyard.

Sarah shows up and tells him they need to talk. He says he'll go first, and tells her they told him he could be a spy. After years of kicking around like a loser, really important people told him he could change the world. Him, Chuck Bartowski. He says it wasn't about her, but she stops him then and says that she acted impulsively and it won't happen again. He tries to stop her, but she says he's a spy now and has to keep his feelings to himself. Whatever. I'm so sick of all of the reboots of this relationship. They might as well never move forward because when they do they just jump back to here again. Then Casey comes out and tells Chuck it's time for his training. They go to a training room, and Chuck flashes as they're boxing. They both go in for a punch as "Eye of The Tiger" plays, and it stops mid-punch, just like ... one of the Rocky movies (I remember it happening, but can't be expected to remember which movie, because I don't even like Sylvester Stallone that much). This one leads right into the next episode, so no previews.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, likes cheese puffs. You can contact her at

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