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No Nunchucks for Chuck

Cut to the Buy More, where someone's stuffed a passed-out Morgan into the claw game. He wakes up and bangs on the glass, so Casey lets him out. Casey turns and growls at the other Buy More employees, who scatter. Morgan asks how Casey does that: commanding respect? Casey says he doesn't command it, he takes it.

First class. Hannah and Chuck are sitting at the first class bar, and Hannah assumes Chuck doesn't fly first class often. He pretends he does it all the time, all "L.A. to Paris, Paris to L.A." He asks about her, and she says she works for a private investor, doing "terribly boring" work fixing computers, mainframes, etc. Chuck's interest is obviously piqued since she's a nerd, too. She says it's boring and stressful, but she gets to travel and live in Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Chuck's in awe, so she asks if he's been there, and he's like, "Yeah, so many times I can't even count." Hannah sees Stone Cold Steve Austin, and asks Chuck who she thinks that guy might be: a professional wrestler? Chuck turns to him and flashes that he's a Ring operative. He excuses himself to use the bathroom and calls Castle. Agent Superman answers by asking if Chuck's flashed yet; when Chuck wonders how he knew that would happen, Agent Superman says, "Because your mission's not in Paris. It's on the plane." Commercials.

After the commercial break, Chuck and Sarah are equally confused about the mission being on the plane. Agent Superman explains that Stone Cold Steve Austin is Hugo Panzer, a Ring operative moving a crypto key to Paris. Chuck needs to get Hugo's luggage claim ticket, go to the cargo hold, and get the key. Chuck says that's not going to be such an easy task since Hugo's fairly ginormous. Agent Superman reminds him about the tranq pen, and Chuck says that's perfect; he'll have the key before the lobster's served. Oh, and he's looking quite forward to that by the way. Sarah and Agent Superman hang up, and she yells at him for putting Chuck into this position without telling her. He says this is why he didn't, and now they'll find out if Chuck is a real spy. Sarah wonders who he is anyway, since neither she nor Casey has heard of him, and he says he does like his secrets, but so does she, with a con man for a father. She says he really must read everyone's files, and he says, "Of course. And I have a few questions for you." He asks about her going off-grid for three days while Chuck was in Prague, and shows her a surveillance photo of herself at a hotel in Lisbon. He asks why she ran, and she says it's not what he thinks. He doesn't know what to think, though, and wonders if she's a double agent, a Ring operative, or if this is about Chuck.

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