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No Nunchucks for Chuck

Lester's asleep in bed when someone chloroforms him (after his first waking reaction, which is, "Mama?"). Then we cut to his footy pajamas as the camera pans up, until we see he's strapped into a chair in front of the giant screen in the Buy More's display room -- a la Alex in A Clockwork Orange. He wakes from his chloroform stupor and Casey whispers that Lester's not here, he's still sleeping, and to just watch the red dot on the screen. Then Casey repeats "Morgan is your boss" over and over and eventually Morgan's face is also on the red-hued screen. Casey: "You're happy that Morgan's your boss." In the air, Hannah can't believe that Morgan is real or that the store Chuck works in actually exists. Chuck says he's often wondered if the Buy More was an insane asylum, but that yes, it's real. He takes a drink of his martini, but as he's drinking it, he says he doesn't remember ordering that; it appeared out of nowhere. Hannah's like, "And you drank it?" She asks if he's okay, and he says it tasted funny. She says he looks like he's been poisoned, which he says is crazy. But then he looks over and sees Hugo back in his seat, grinning at him. Commercials.

When we're back, Chuck's in the bathroom, telling Agent Superman and Sarah that he's just been poisoned, and that Hugo escaped. Sarah asks what it tasted like, and Chuck says, "It had a very strong nose, with hints of apple, and then a sour finish." Agent Superman: "He's right. It's poison." Sarah tells him to throw up, but he says that's disgusting. Then someone knocks on the bathroom door, and Chuck tells them it's Hugo coming to get him. But it's the flight attendant asking him if he's okay. So he opens the door and tells her he had bad Mexican food and she doesn't want to come in here. She pulls a gun on him, and tells him if he screams, he's dead. Chuck puts down his phone and says he is so writing a letter to the airline about this. She tells him to shut up, that she has the only antidote to the poison, and she'll give it to him in exchange for the key. He's like, "What key?" She hits him and he's like, "Oh. The key." He admits he has it, but not on him. He hid it in the cargo hold. Of course he did.

Cargo hold. Chuck's getting all sweaty from the poison when she pushes him in there. He sees Hugo, who punches him in the gut. Chuck asks if poisoning him isn't enough. The flight attendant holds up the antidote and asks where the key is. Chuck says, "Antidote first," and she asks if this is his first mission. His response, "Maybe." Back at Castle, Agent Superman puts on his glasses and becomes Agent Clark Kent again as Sarah lectures him for leading her agent into a mission with two Ring operatives. Dude, if he knew they were both there, maybe he could have at least told Chuck that much so he didn't let his guard down and drink the free drink on the plane. Just saying... Agent Superman tells Sarah that Chuck's going to make it, because they're going to take control of the plane using a satellite they launched to take control of enemy fighters. Videogamey plane controls pop up out of the counter, and he tells Sarah to call Chuck.

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