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No Nunchucks for Chuck

French music as Chuck mopes at the Buy More, looking at his Eiffel Tower model. Casey and Morgan, standing next to him, look at each other and Chuck asks what's with the looks. Casey says Morgan gave him a raise, and Morgan tells him when he goes away for a couple days, everything changes. But Chuck thinks everything just stays the same. Morgan asks what happened on the install, and Chuck says nothing. Casey: "Bored now." He and Morgan leave as the French music picks up and the camera focuses on the Eiffel Tower model. When the background comes into focus again, Hannah's there, waving sweetly at Chuck. Okay, I adore this new pairing and if she's bad, I will not be happy about it. I'm sick of all of Chuck's love interests being bad or dating people who are bad or whatever. Why not have a legitimate love interest so that he can really get to choose? [Eh, she'll be gone soon enough. - Z]

Next week: Hannah's in a Nerd Herd suit. Chuck gets another mission, which he says will be a piece of cake, but on the mission, Casey sends in Sarah in a half-shirt, saying, "I had to send in a closer." Fighting outside the Buy More. Just another day in Burbank.

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Has the show stretched the Chuck/Sarah storyline to the breaking point?

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