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Sarah Versus The Whole Entire World

But then it all gets really dumb for a bit. Which, any way you get out of the story is fine by me -- it's already done what it needs to do, which is demonstrate Scary Sarah and make us believe that she's still stuck between Girl Sarah and Spy Sarah to Chuck's same degree. And it does. But then, like a jerk, it tells us exactly that: "Tell him what you told me before, okay? He'll hear that, I know it. This is your chance. Don't... Don't be Sarah Walker the spy, be Sarah Walker the girlfriend."

So inside his brain he thinks it's a trick and outside his brain she thinks she's talking to brain Swiss cheese, but she says about the whole proposal plan -- "You were gonna do it on the beach in Malibu. Where we watched the sun rise after our first date. There were several race cars involved" -- and eventually whatever, Trinity kisses Neo back to life and Morgan yells "He's okay! He's okay!" and... Whatever. It's fine. They're fine. She loves him either way, and again: She needed to say that more than he needed to hear it, because I don't think she actually believed it until she realized that she did, if you see what I'm saying. It was Sarah that flashed.

The Buy Morons finally get the laptop working and it pops up a message: "Knock Knock." Awesome sets to work on figuring out the password and kicks those nasty motherfuckers out of his house, happy to have fixed Ellie's problem before she got home from work and, no doubt, pretty excited about the idea of more magic spy stuff regardless of how Ellie feels about that.

The General congratulates everybody on saving Chuck and his brain secrets, and then -- presuming suddenly that the Intersect is "buried for good" -- offers him a job with the Agency anyway, temporarily resolving the whole Spy Chuck/Boy Chuck thing (and, interestingly, knocking him down to Morgan's level): "You're an asset with or without it." General shines another flashlight on the concept that they totally kidnapped a diplomat and how she doesn't really care, and there's a lot of winky-winky-coinkidinky and whatever.

Chuck performs for Sarah the concept of his cuteness -- "Don't think you know all the surprises that I got hidden up my sleeves, because my sleeves are chock-full of surprises. You know, I'm surprised I could even get in here with all the surprises that are in my sleeves. I got magic coming your way, baby. Okay? Magic. Magic!" -- but for once it's just forced and not magical or adorable at all. Which, how awkward does your dialogue have to be to offset Chuck's dreaminess? Ugh. Out in the store, he bitches at Morgan about how he has no magic at all, and they promise to plan an even better proposal and how much they love each other and then just one more time, for a really long time, Morgan underscores the point of this episode like a hundred times until his pencil actually rips a hole in the paper: Sarah loooooves Chuck. To the point of violating international law, yes, but also whether or not he ever flashes again.

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