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Sarah Versus The Whole Entire World

Casey insists that Walker go home, and she offers to fuck his face up for him, and then Morgan -- visually, actually, metaphorically -- steps between them. He's never looked so sweet and little and they've never looked so big and scary, it's great. He actually gets smooshed-faced. So while they growl at each other, Morgan tells everybody to get some sleep because they are acting insane, which is nothing new for Casey but very startling in Sarah, and that they will take a two-hour break. Aftermathically, Casey pretends Sarah didn't just scare the shit out of him, and it's cute.

Somehow, even though they are under the Buy More, Morgan mentioning "winks" makes Ellie, just leaving home on a 36-hour shift, also talk about "winks." One of the many pratfalls in this script we're going to be ignoring, because the episode is light and awesome and fun, and also because I refuse to complain about Ellie and Awesome, ever. Massive winking product placement for some kind of car, and then Ellie -- even though she's had this car from their dad for over a month and has been driving it around, searching it for reasons it was encodedly passed on to her -- suddenly finds a laptop hidden under the driver's seat. Where I guess they didn't look before.

It's wicked crazy-looking, with Tron lines that sparkle and shift around: Clearly Orion-made, clearly spy stuff. They worry about it and decide to turn it on, but they can't, but Ellie doesn't want Awesome to call Chuck to fix it, because he will get sucked back into spying. Oh, Ellie. So she heads off to work all "This is going to drive me crazy!" And Awesome, because he is awesome, promises to figure it out by the time she gets home.

Mad Science whispers to Chuck about how he can forget about Sarah, Ellie, Morgan and Awesome: They will all stop loving him without the Intersect, and he will be nothing, and he will lose them all. You'd think that would do it, right? Not a terribly evil plan. Poor villainous mad scientist. I guess when your supervillain technology consists entirely of saying Mean Girl shit, you get used to getting whatever you want. On the other hand, disappointing Captain Awesome would kill me because not only is he great -- sucks for me -- but he would be sad -- sucks for the world.

Sarah's girling out back home, crying on the bed without fucking up her makeup and rolling around on the bed and Brokebacking Chuck's clothes and smelling his smell and suddenly she's found a folded-up weird map in his Nerd Herd pocket protector, while this very Josh Schwartz song plays that will play again at the end. Morgan shows up to check on her, and says he's had an awful taste in his mouth that -- "strange twin thing" -- makes him think Chuck's been eating "something icky," and even though that's great, Sarah doesn't have time to worry about it.

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