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Sarah Versus The Whole Entire World

Sarah beats up everybody in Thailand and finally shows up in a bar that is 90% hunky white-trash bounty hunters, like that place Indiana Jones reunited with the Starman lady. [Except that place was full of Tibetan mountain people. - Z] This one guy is immediately sexist toward her, immediately in turn earning his just reward of being beat to hell. "Anyone else want to be my boyfriend?" she screams, and everybody watching, even pets and little babies, raises their hands, some for the first time.

Imaginary Sarah leaves imaginary Chuck due to his loserness, but he still can't flash. This time -- a neat thing about this episode is the why he never falls for their Inception thing -- he doesn't flash because he knows that Sarah would never leave him. Outside of his brain they're frustrated to the point of Phase III: "We wipe out everything in his head but the Intersect. We lobotomize him. No personality, no memories, no thoughts in the way of the Intersect."

A very bad crime boss type in the corner of the bar goes, "The people have been talking much about the giant blonde she-male." Which is a joke they keep doing in this episode, which is either troubling, or plugged into the whole boy/girl thing of this story, or both and in fact also implies that the big bad guys all over Thailand have been making up stories to explain why beautiful, adorable Sarah Walker has managed to take them all out. Evidence for: This entire show. Evidence against: There is a crazy giggling little person on the guy's shoulder like Jabba the Hutt.

This Santogold song the LA Times once described as an "urban safari of warped electronic noises" but which I always associate with Blair finding out her boyfriend, a famous prostitute, is prostituting himself to her other boyfriend's mother, who is also sleeping with the other boyfriend who is her son, and who is also a Countess -- plays, and Sarah gets into the ring with the guy, and they do awesome fighting I don't know words of. Which is funny because now it's not really an episode of Sarah doing much forward movement, either. So you have Chuck in a holding pattern of brainwashing that they honestly don't do a whole lot with, you have Sarah fighting for what seems like a lot of the episode to prove her motivations, and then C stories about Casey/Morgan and Ellie/Awesome advancing the plot, for what it is.

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