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Sarah Versus The Whole Entire World

I mean, there's no such thing as a filler episode of this show, and it makes its point, but since thematically it's literally just about covering the same ground as last week -- just from Sarah's perspective -- it does seem somewhat sound-and-furyish: She fought, she fought, she won, it's over. Which normally when you do that you have a big spy story to distract everybody, but since all the spies of the show are engaged in this one... I don't know.

Did you feel like the pacing was off? I feel like there are a lot of cool ideas that don't actually get to breathe in this, like, the whole Chuck Mental Landscape thing doesn't really go anywhere, Chamberlain never does anything, the well-worn Cagefighter story is just kinda... there.

And instead you get the third act, which is just hideous, and mainly because it explains the shit out of itself, out loud, that the rest of the episode could have been used to set up. Or like this part of the story was supposed to be longer but they smooshed it because of not knowing about the fate of the back 13 or whatever it was, and these were two episodes that became one episode that is barely an episode, and then razzle-dazzled it up with some super-long action sequences and emotionally tone-deaf explications at the end.

Morgan and Casey show up at the most convenient time, because Sarah has just been blinded by a handful of sand. Also, there is a king cobra roaming the arena, and the little person keeps tossing the guy's main gladiator things like knives and rustic furniture. Casey gives another speech about how this is a club for "nothing but scoundrels, assassins and warlords, the scum of the Earth," which is the cue for a waitress to approach with his "usual," of course, and then just because they need to fill out this part of the script Sarah throws down and she's like, "I want to finish the fight so you can tell me where the Belgian is!" instead of shooting everybody in the face and finding the Belgian, now that Jabba has proven to be one of your less trustworthy crimelords.

While Casey makes fun of Morgan and Morgan pisses himself about snakes, the entire staff of the Buy More has been brought, one by one, to work on Ellie's laptop in exchange for medical care from Awesome. Turns out they're all gross, I don't know if you got that memo; on the other hand this episode has 100% more Awesome than last week and even a little Ellie at the beginning and the end. Plus Nando, the most amazing Buy Moron of all, who kinda makes everybody else a little more acceptable.

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