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Chuck Versus Stanford

Chuck goes to his room and pulls out a box of Stanford memories. He finds a picture of Bryce, and while Oasis's "Don't Look Back in Anger" plays, Chuck has a flashback to 2003. Apparently the writers have been watching a lot of Cold Case. In the flashback, Chuck has packed up his belongings and is leaving the frat house, which, of course, raises the question: since when do they let gamer/D&D/Star Wars aficionado-types into frats? Oh, right, this is Stanford. They're all like that. As Chuck leaves the frat, he sees Bryce staring down a pool ball. Chuck asks why he is doing this, and Bryce tells Chuck he did it to himself. Back in real time, Chuck heads to the dumpster and throws his Stanford memories away. He drops his ID, and when he picks it up to throw it out, he flashes on himself. He looks freaked and goes to knock on Casey's door. Casey obviously has his gun out (what better way to ward off those pesky door-knocking assassins? Not to mention Mormons!) Chuck wants to know why he is in the national security computers. Casey and Sarah don't know. Maybe if they find the missing Professor, he can tell them. You think? The CIA interviewed witnesses who identified the Angry Aryan as an Icelandic spy. And, yes, Iceland has spies, although unofficially. And this spy? The crossbow is his favorite weapon. Can you guess where this is going?

Harry Tang is drunk on power. He's staggered the lunches so no one can eat together. As Chuck and Morgan bemoan the loss of Surf-n-Turf Wednesdays, Anna suggests he could have an "accident." As Morgan rebelliously tears down the lunch schedule, Harry Tang appears. And he's gone green. Not literally. More Al Gore than Jolly Green Giant. He plans on making the store more green to appeal to the emerging conscience of the consumer. Harry Tang and NBC: two peas in a green, green pod. As he re-tacks the schedule on the bulletin board, he threatens Morgan by telling him he is soft like pudding, touching his stomach, and licking his finger. I guess that makes him finger-licking good. Which he is not. Not at all. No way. Unless you like hobbits. Which I do not. Out on the Buy More floor, Casey hands Chuck a printout of a traffic photo showing that Professor Fleming is still alive and still at large. Chuck asks Casey if he offered to kill Harry for Anna. Casey asks if he wants him to want to. Don't kill the man, Casey, just the storyline. Casey says that he wants Chuck to come with him while they interview the Professor. Chuck thinks it's a bad idea. He has another flashback to 2003, where the Professor is grilling him about the final exam he just took. He accuses Chuck of stealing the answer key out of his desk. They received a tip and searched his room. They found the key. And they know he is selling copies of the answers, too. Chuck denies it all. But when the Professor says the tip came from Bryce, his own beloved roommate, Chuck looks defeated.

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