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Chuck Versus Stanford

Morgan and the Nerd Herd are playing some game involving flipping through the channels and identifying the television show as quickly as possible. Obviously, we do this at all TWoP holiday events. Even more obviously, Harry Tang quickly puts the kibosh on the shenanigans. He holds the one remote that controls them all. See how they just slipped that Lord Of The Rings reference in there? See how they did that? Those wacky writers! They totally deserve those residuals! There will be no more games on the floor at Buy More. Morgan points out that there are no customers. Harry Tang points out that there are three repair orders and clean up in the diaper-changing area. Guess who gets stuck on diaper-doody duty!

Sarah, Casey, and Chuck go to "extract" the Professor. Chuck actually waits in the car. And you would think they would stop leaving him in the car, wouldn't you? Don't they know trouble always ensues? It's like falling asleep under a tree in a fairytale. So while he's waiting in the car, Chuck sees the Professor, who somehow instantly surmises that Chuck is now part of the Company. They swap stories, and the Professor tells Chuck some cool CIA lingo. Namely, in a real emergency, the spies say, "Are you coming to the toga party?" I typed that out for a reason, I swear. Just as Chuck is about to find out why the CIA has a file on him, the Professor says, "I'm sorry," and leans in for a hug. Only, it's not a hug at all! The Professor has a crossbow in his back! Or rather an arrow from a crossbow! And another arrow knocks the paper out of the Professor's hand! It was important! It had something to do with Bryce! The Icelandic Assassin is here! And he is mad! But he is not interested in a lowly Nerd Herder. He leaves Chuck under the St. Sebastian-ed Professor as Sarah and Casey show up with guns blazing. Seriously guys, stop leaving Chuck in the car.

Later, Sarah and Casey show up at Chuck's window, insisting that they talk. The Professor is in surgery, but until he wakes up, they need to know stuff. What did he say to Chuck? Nothing, really. What was on the piece of paper? Numbers. Casey can't help mentioning that for a guy with a computer for a brain, Chuck is pretty lousy at remembering stuff. Chuck gets all defensive and points out that it was a pretty stressful situation. Casey is nonplussed. Chuck asks Sarah why Fleming apologized right before he fell. Sarah doesn't know, but Chuck thinks it has something to do with the computer now residing in his head.

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