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Chuck Versus Stanford

Ellie is still trying to convince Chuck to drive up to Stanford to watch the UCLA game in hopes that it will help him get over the past. He still refuses to go. Not only because of the constant, painful reminder of his failures, but because he does not want to be in a car with Awesome and his bros for the entire five-hour trip. He sure talks a lot of trash about frats, considering he was in one. Pot, kettle; keg stand, beer pong. Ellie pulls out a copy of The Decline Of Western Civilization, a library book Chuck still has not returned. She asks him if he wants her to return it for him. He rightfully reasons that it's not like Stanford is going to expel him if he keeps it. He looks at the book for a second, and then he has another flashback. This time, he and Bryce are playing shoot-'em-up in the library. Chuck thinks he has Bryce cornered, but Bryce's CIA training has paid off, and he totally nails Chuck in the head by faking him out with what looks to be an interesting read. Chuck realizes that the numbers on the Professor's piece of paper are the Dewey Decimal address of a secret Bryce hiding place. Since the Professor doesn't know that Bryce is dead, Chuck reasons that he must have left the missing intel there for Bryce to find. Chuck has to go back to Stanford to find it. Did you see that coming?

Stanford is prepping for its big game against UCLA. There is a lot of drinking and blue face paint and general tailgating madness. Chuck tells Ellie and Awesome he will meet them at the stadium so he can give Sarah the Chuck Bartowski Memorial Tour. Ellie doesn't seem to notice that Casey is standing right there and has totally tagged along on their trip. But a young, earnest environmental campaigner does! He asks Casey to buy a Stanford tree. Casey says that if the guy wants to save the environment, he should take a shower. Heh. Gotta love a hippie joke. Here's another: How can you tell if a hippie has been in your house? He's still there! Want another? Okay! What brand of cigarette does a hippie smoke? Yours! I could go all night. Anyway. Chuck is having I-got-kicked-out-of-college-for-something-I-didn't-do issues. He needs to talk. He gets over it quick-like and gets on to saving the world. Casey has made them all Stanford IDs so they can access the library. He apologizes to Chuck for stealing his ID, but not being able to Photoshop out the idiotic grin. Heh. As Chuck swipes his ID at the library, the security guard picks up his walkie-talkie and tells someone they have a problem.

Meanwhile, talk about problems! This Harry Tang storyline will not go away no matter how many Salisbury steak TV dinners I sacrifice to the television gods. Christ. Morgan has gathered the Buy More crew members and has hatched a brilliant plan to steal Harry Tang's uber-remote and render him impotent. Anna volunteers to get the remote. She uses her feminine wiles and her knowledge of managerial vocab, and she gets the keys to his locker, where he stores his remote. Sigh.

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