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Chuck Versus Stanford

Awesome, Ellie, and Chuck are back at their apartment and bemoaning the fact that the Stanford-UCLA game was a wash. Awesome heads to the shower and tries to figure out why the blue paint that his friends picked up won't come off. (Seriously, he's a doctor? Is there no respect for the medical professional anymore?) Chuck thanks Ellie for dragging him up to Stanford to face his past and finally get over it. She's proud of him. She asks Chuck if he found what he was looking for. He says almost. He goes to his room, puts the CD of stolen intel into his computer, and hits play, only to be interrupted by Sarah who says that he won't be allowed to keep the disc. Chuck says he has to know. She lets him watch the recording. The Professor's face pops up on the screen, and he states that he is interviewing a test subject named Chuck Bartowski. He tells his secretary to send Chuck in. Bryce enters instead. The Prof tries to shoo him out, but Bryce isn't budging. He found out that the Professor put Chuck on the CIA recruitment list. He doesn't want his friend recruited. Bryce won't let him do it, because Chuck is a good person and has too much heart for this line of work.

The Professor says that the Agency is not going to let go of a recruit this promising without a fight. Chuck aced all the tests! They won't let him out. Bryce thinks for a second and then asks, if Chuck cheated, would that invalidate the results? Chuck realizes that Bryce framed him for cheating to save him from the CIA. He then realizes that if Bryce had a good reason to frame him, maybe he had a good reason to break into the fancy NSA-CIA computer! Sarah says he may have had a good reason for everything, but no one can know about it. Chuck points out that no one would believe him anyway. Sarah takes the disc and leaves, pausing only momentarily to tear up because her boyfriend was such a good guy, but is still dead. Chuck goes to retrieve his Stanford memories from the trash. He has another flashback to when he and Bryce met. They met over a C++ textbook. In the flashback, Chuck is embarrassed to admit that he is studying programming so he can build his own videogame based on some book. Bryce tells him not to be embarrassed because "it's 1999, and the next millennium belongs to the geek." Chuck, however, has realized that while that may be true, it will not get him laid any time soon, since generally, text-based videogames don't appeal to the ladies. Bryce offers to introduce him to a girl who is into that freak scene, and Chuck gets all excited, and they rush off together. BFF.

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