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"We're the B Team"

On their non-mission, Chuck and Sarah stake out in Awesome's Sienna mini-van. Chuck goes on and on about what an amazing car it is for a mission, and Sarah says it's only great because it's totally unassuming, so no one would suspect it. Chuck shows off the automatic back doors. "It's like I'm using the Force!" Sarah is not amused, so Chuck tries to get serious about figuring out what Casey's up to. Inside a warehouse, Casey tells a bad guy playing solitaire that if he isn't willing to see him, Casey's "employer" would be happy to do business elsewhere. The bad guy tells him to forgive his lack of hospitality and lets Casey come to the table. They exchange briefcases, and the bad guy's has a bunch of money in it. The bad guy tells Casey he'd trust his "employer," Dragan, with his life, but he doesn't trust NSA agent John Casey. He asks if Casey's plan was to walk in and arrest him, all alone. Luckily (or not), Sarah and Chuck are watching all this, so they're totally on it. The bad guy's two henchmen pull guns on Casey, so Sarah and Chuck jump out and say he's not alone. Sarah, seething: "He wouldn't go undercover without his team." Chuck: "Yeah, honestly, what do you take him for?" Casey asks why they're here, and Chuck says they're saving his life, "Idiot." Casey calls Chuck an idiot. Bad guy offers to settle it: They're all idiots. And more bad guys with guns come out, training them on Chuck and Sarah. But the two original henchmen take them out, because they're Casey's guys. Sarah realizes what's going on: This was an undercover sting operation. The henchmen-turned-Casey's people unmask and reveal themselves as a couple of Gretas (Stacy Keibler and Isaiah Mustafa, to be precise). Casey introduces Chuck and Sarah to his new team. Chuck and Sarah are speechless. And a little heartbroken.


Castle. Sarah and Chuck are jealous of the Gretas. They watch the Gretas look perfect, and Sarah realizes the CIA's replaced them, which is why all their missions are gone. Chuck thinks no one else can replace him, the Intersect, so he's naively confident that he and Sarah are still the best. (So we know just how bored they've been, Sarah's holding a stack of games through this scene, the top one of which is Twister; why couldn't we have seen them play that instead of Operation?) Chuck and Sarah approach the Gretas, and Chuck compliments them on their great work with the guns and the bad guys. He also wants their real names, so he doesn't have to keep calling them Greta, which Chuck's assuming is an acronym. Isaiah Greta: "Captain Richard Noble." Stacy Greta: "Captain Victoria Dunwoody." Chuck thinks "Ricky and Vicky" is cute and wonders if they're a couple. Isaiah Greta is like, "Look at me, now look back at your man, now me, now your man. You're on a boat. I'm on a horse." Just kidding. Actually, they scoff, because work romance entanglements are for wimps and losers, duh.

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